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Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

Maximum Ink's Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields

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Alliant Energy Center

1919 Alliant Energy Center Way , Madison WI 53713
Updated: 5/21/19 11:46pm
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Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum:
7/18-21 Dane County Fair

9/14 Hot Wheels Monster Truck Live

10/25-27 Wizard World Comic Con

11/8 Alabama, The Charlie Daniels Band
11/9 The Chainsmokers, 5 Seconds of Summer, Lennon Stella
11/16 Logic, YBN Cordae

Alliant Energy Center Online:

The Annex @ The Red Zone Madison

1212 Regent Street, Madison WI 53715
Updated: 6/3/19 11:12pm
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Wednesdays: Paint Nite (7pm)

6/6 OverTime and the Blue Collar Soldiers
6/18 Demun Jones + Adam Calhoun
6/21 SubDocta, Lex Martin, Ocular

7/15 Through Fire, Like A Storm, Wilson, Stitched Up Heart

8/5 Oh Sleeper, Famous Last Words, Convictions, Empty

The Annex @ The Red Zone Madison Online:

Art In

1444 E. Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 6/3/19 11:18pm
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6/7 Undercover Organism, The Civil Engineers
6/8 The Bitter Nothings, Wimbledon, Ranting Thespian
6/9 Cold Sweat, Manny Phesto, Ben Buck Beatbox, Jantzonia, Outside Voices
6/12 Un Bread, Fear of Moose, Indigo Smith-Oles
6/13 The Dead Johnnys, No Dice, Woolworth Warriors
6/14 Blind Rabbit Presents: I Know What You Did Last Easter” w/ Grinch Heart, Uncle Dopie, TG, Red The Bully, Yung Spurge w/ Tone McVeigh, Kid Vibe, Rabbit Season, Raffles by Down 2 Hearse Raffle and Dread Dead Odditities
6/20 Flowstate, Wabasha, Goop City
6/21 R&B Night IV w/ Host Ms. Sheena, DJ Haze920, Dirty Disco, Landon DeVon, Vision, Iesha K
6/22 Soul Doctors, Meggie Shays, Nick Roberts (The Ranting Thespian)
6/23 Searchlights, Squarewave, Nest of Saws
6/28 Dana Ives, Cave Paintings, Ghostar, Charlie Doesn’t Surf
6/30 Raine Stern, Phainopepla

7/5 Opliam, Tukkiman, Soul Doctors
7/6 Johnny Likes Noize
7/14 Big Mother Gig, Superkick
7/17 The Turbos, Cobalt Trilogy
7/31 Thames, Old Wolves

Art In Online:

Arts + Literature Laboratory

2021 Winnebago St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 5/8/19 11:40am
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5/25 Keefe Jackson Quartet
5/31 Four Letter Words

6/2 Togishi
6/21 Stefano Barone
6/28 Dave Cooper Quarter w/ Dave Stoler, Nick Moran, Michael Brenn

Arts + Literature Laboratory Online:

Atwoodfest 2019

2000 - 2100 Blocks of Atwood Avenue, Madison WI 53704
Updated: 6/3/19 10:18pm
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2 Great Days of Live Music!
July 27-28, 2019

The Harmony Bar Presents:
Clyde Stubblefield Stage (Monty’s Parking Lot)

The Alchemy Presents:
Madison Heritage Stage (Corner of Atwood & Winnebago)

Liz Lauer Realty Group Presents:
Kidsfest Stage (United Way Parking Lot)

Saturday, July 27
12:00 pm   One Human Band
1:45 pm     The Nobody Famous
3:30 pm     The Rousers
5:15 pm     VO5
8:00 pm     Echoes of Pompeii

Sunday, July 28
12:00 pm   JB3’s
1:45 pm     Kris Lager Band
3:45 pm     Steely Dane
6:00 pm     Alma Afrobeat Ensemble

Saturday, July 27
12:00 pm   Immigré
2:00 pm     Magic Conch
4:00 pm     Rare Element
6:00 pm     Craig Baumann & The Story
8:15 pm     Wurk

Sunday, July 28
12:00 pm   Hickory Road
1:45 pm     Ryan McGrath Band
3:45 pm     Better Yeti
5:45 pm     Lord Nelson

Saturday, July 27
12:00 pm   Handphibians and Otimo Dance
1:00 pm     Black Star Drumline
2:00 pm     Monkey Business Institute
3:00 pm     DJ Punjabi 5.0 and MC Squared
4:30 pm     Madison Music Foundry

Sunday, July 28
12:30 pm   Deni Daiko
1:30 pm     Rhea
2:30 pm     Myshkeys
3:30 pm     Ballet Folklorico de Maria Diaz
4:30 pm     Dance Party w/ DJ Nick Nice

Atwoodfest 2019 Online:

The Back Bar

1901 Beloit Ave (Hwy G), Janesville WI 53546
Updated: 6/3/19 11:40pm
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6/8 80 Reasons
6/14 Mile 134, Bury The Enemy, Bring Down The Sky, Trivial Pleasure
6/15 Vermilion Heights, Taco House, Native World
6/21 Powerman 5000, Beyond Threshold, Left of Reason, Silence Is Broken
6/27 Saliva, Sliver, Outdrejas, Bloody Gulch
6/28 1000 Miles Of Fire, A Better Hand, Schmoolio, Common Threads, Middle Age Overdose
6/29 Lyinheart, Silent Ire

7/6 Faith In Vain, Pvshovr, Living In Fearless Entrophy (L.I.F.E.), Don’t Get Comfy, Letter From A Ghost
7/13 On My Six, Disappearance, Bloody Gulch, Oblivion Zero, Skeletal Prison
7/19 Wise Jennings, Party Marty, Wurk
7/20 Struggle Jennings, Brianna Harness, The DRP, Travis Finley
7/21 Saul, Morningstar, 90 To Harmony
7/26 Eddie Trunk’s Live Radio Show (Sirius XM) w/ Randy Hawke (94.1 JJO), Krash Karma, Convoy, Amberstein, Ultrea
7/28 Hellzapoppin, Circus, Sideshow Revue

The Back Bar Online:

BarleyPop Live

121 W. Main St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 6/3/19 4:33pm
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Mondays: Trivia Night (6pm)
First Fridays: Karaoke w/ DJ Fuzzy Duck (5pm)

6/7 Tony C Latin Jazz Band, DJ Fuzzy Duck

BarleyPop Live Online:

The Barrymore Theatre

2090 Atwood Avenue, Madison WI 53704
Updated: 6/4/19 2:14am
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6/7 The Pump and Dump Show: “Parentally Incorrect”
6/15 Jim Jones + El Hitta

7/19 Daniel Sloss

8/1 Full Draw Film Tour

9/7 The Very Best of Hump
9/19 Lore Podcast Live
9/21 Criminal Podcast
9/27 Savage Love Live

10/3 Shane Koyczan
10/5 Abbey Road w/ Get Back Wisconsin & Full Orchestra
10/13 Theo Von
10/18 The Dollop w/ Dave Anthony & Gareth Reynolds
10/20 John Hiatt
10/23 Joshua Radin & the Weepies
10/29 Ryan Bingham

11/9 Arlo Guthrie

12/14 Trilogy: Tribute Show (The Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin)

The Barrymore Theatre Online:

Bos Meadery

849 E. Washington Ave., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 6/3/19 1:13pm
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Tuesdays: Adult Game Night: Board Games (5/6pm)
Sundays: Open Mic (2-5pm)

6/5 Sam Ness, Grace Gladem
6/6 Mead To Laugh Comedy Showcase w/ Luis Arevalo, Sabeen Sadiq, Nick Lynch, St. James Jackson, Hosted by Shawn Vasquez
6/7 Dana & The Joanis
6/8 Quick & Painless, Distant Cuzins
6/9 Viking Church w/ Cosmosss, Saurus, Mortality Play
6/12 Squirrel Gravy
6/13 Lonesome Willie Jones & His Dime Store Posse, The Gadjo Players
6/14 Corey Mathew Hart
6/15 The Apologists, Bent Antenna
6/16 The Late Bloomers, Mad Max Elliott
6/19 Summer Sofa Sessions w/ Dana Perry & Friends
6/20 Jules Iolyn, Faux Jean
6/21 Forró fo Sho, Helen Avakian, Dave Irwin
6/22 The Bottles, Venus In Furs, Hellmuff
6/23 Freaky Fourth Sunday
6/26 Raine Stern
6/27 Matt DeBlass & Friends
6/28 Yacht Rock Night w/ Matt & Molly
6/29 The Flame and the Void, Totem, Flying Fuzz
6/30 Kevin Mason

7/3 Morning Metaphor
7/5 Adrenaline Armory Presents: Squidhammer Metal, Grave Dancer, Mad Gypsy Burlesque
7/6 The Brash Menagerie, BUD, At The Wayside, Schmoolio
7/10 Squirrel Gravy
7/12 Kendra Swanson, Bone Holler
7/13 Made Of Blocks, Help Desk, Known To Wander
7/14 Mackenzie Moore, A Town Called Endeavor
7/18 Matt DeBlass & Friends
7/19 Hypheria, The Mossmen, Dead Familiars
7/21 6.4.Sunday, Punk Ass Unicorns
7/24 The Blips
7/25 Bible of the Devil, Ruin Dweller, Joe Price and the Cost
7/27 Brian Koenig

8/2 Untamed
8/3 Hirt Alpert
8/9 Oak Street Ramblers, Josh Harty
8/10 Padre, The North Code, Isabel Coff
8/15 Lunar Moth, Fake News
8/16 The Periodicals
8/18 Midtown International Peace Orchestra
8/23 Back to the 80s Night w/ The Decade
8/29 Much Better Barefoot
8/30 Gary David & the Enthusiasts

9/6 Dana & The Joanis

10/4 Gary David & the Enthusiasts
10/11 Strangebyrds, Josh Harty
10/26 Billy Joe and the Affordables (Billy Joel Tribute)

11/8 Corey Mathew Hart

12/13 Sam Ness

Bos Meadery Online:

Bowl-A-Vard Lanes

2121 E. Springs Drive, Madison WI 53704
Updated: 6/4/19 3:18pm
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Summer 2019
Wednesdays: Custom Car Night
Outdoor Stage w/ Live Bands! ~ 5:00 - 10:00pm

6/5 Trailer Kings
6/12 Star 67
6/19 Universal Sound
6/26 Sharp Dressed Men
7/10 Trailer Kings
7/17 Quest
7/24 City Electric
7/31 Your Mom
8/7 V6
8/14 Country Wide
8/21 Star 67
8/28 Trailer Kings
9/4 Sharp Dressed Men

Thursdays: Bike Night
Outdoor Stage w/ Live Bands! ~ 5:00 - 10:00pm

6/6 Pilot
6/13 Reloaded
6/20 5th Gear
6/27 Metal Gonz
7/11 Road Trip
7/18 Kings of Radio
7/25 Foo Foo Dolls
8/1 DS Jukin
8/8 Angels & Outlaws
8/15 Pacific Coast Highway
8/22 Road Trip
8/29 5th Gear
9/5 Angels & Outlaws

Bowl-A-Vard Lanes Online:

Breese Stevens Field

917 E. Mifflin St., Madison WI 53703
Updated: 5/8/19 11:56am
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All Concerts are Rain or Shine!

6/7 Rob Thomas, Abby Anderson

8/25 Daryl Hall & John Oates, G Love & Special Sauce

Breese Stevens Field Online:

The Brink Lounge

701 E. Washington Avenue, Madison WI 53703
Updated: 6/4/19 8:35pm
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Tuesdays: Salsa/Bachata Dance Lessons (7pm)
Tuesdays: Tango Salsa (9pm)
Wednesdays: Swing Lessons and Dance (6:30pm Nightclub)
Wednesdays: Jump Town Lindy Swing Dance (9pm)

6/6 Sweet Delta Dawn (Album Release) + Old Oaks
6/7 Jazz Ahead Big Band
6/8 Mark David Group
6/12 Good Morning Bedlam
6/13 Aaron Williams and the Hoo Doo
6/14 Bill Roberts Combo
6/20 Tracy Jane Comer’s Top Shelf Trio
6/21 The Groove Busters
6/22 Back2Back Acoustic Duo
6/27 Madison Jazz Orchestra
6/28 Mal-O-Dua
6/29 Eli Lev & Megan Leigh Duo
7/11 Aaron Williams and the Hoo Doo
7/12 Back2Back Acoustic Duo
7/20 Cliff Frederiksen Trio
7/25 Madison Jazz Orchestra

6/7 “Sing It Sister” Hosted by Beth Kille
6/15 “I Was Supposed to Get Married Today” Comedy

The Brink Lounge Online:

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