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1444 E. Washington Avenue
Madison WI 53703
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Art In

Art In in Madison

Updated: 1/16/19 3:41pm

1/19 Throwback Saturday w/ White Bush Unicorn, Damidol, Annabel Lee, Drag & Burlesque Competition
1/24 Jake Larson (EP Release), Wayward
1/26 Lil Guillotine
1/31 Bitter Nothings, Cheyne Trost, Ren Edstrand, Mortality Play

2/6 Dystopian Echo, Fake News
2/20 Daniel Champagne
2/22 “Dope Smoke and Smutt” w/ Strive To Last Eternity (Scrub God), Uncle Dopie, Yung Spurge, Red The Bully, Jonny Cash of Elyon

3/2 Magic Conch, Wimbledon, The Bitter Nothings

4/18 Midwest Soul Xchange

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