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1444 E. Washington Avenue
Madison WI 53703
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Art In

Art In in Madison

Updated: 9/2/19 8:16pm

9/6 Hip Hop Showcase feat. Rock Mack, B. Justice, Godxilla, Taurus, Alex Takton, Sonny Black
9/7 Tonbi Claw, Mossmen, Langsamlourd
9/14 Coasting, Pep Talk, Jynxer, SPep Talk, Since When
9/20 8 Ball Aitken
9/21 “Schools Back” w/ Dirty D, Suvi, Coop, Kid Vibe, Donnie Kaptcha, S.T.L.E., L0V3C1G1, G2 & Swanko
9/22 Racket Man, Squid, The Worst, Melissa Kay McCarthy, Elmer and the Ceramic Trees
9/26 Comedy & Artistry Night
9/28 Blaze The Stage w/ Bang Too Real, DJ Stacktrace, PT Escobar, Mill Tha Rapper, KurrTheTruth, Caine, It’s Chase, Jay Lee
10/4 Kid Vibe, S.T.L.E. & BL1ND R4BB1T, Taye Sharkiee, Keyz, Donnie Kaptcha, Suvi & Coop
10/16 Primal Static
10/18 Phil Yates & The Affiliates, Lorenzo’s Music, Histo
10/20 Tatum Updike, Noah Green, The Bitter Nothings, Candace Griffin, Cheyne Trost
10/26 Halloween Show w/ Lever
10/30 Daniel Champagne, Christopher Gold, Paul Creswell

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