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Art In

Art In in Madison

Updated: 5/8/19 11:40am

5/8 Barbaco
5/9 Daily Smoker, Dead Familiars, Bashford
5/10 Soul Doctors, Hypheria
5/11 The Yarddogs
5/15 Hex House, Lavender Daughter, Our Friends the Savages, Bashford
5/16 Linn Jennings, Cody James, Karen Wheelock
5/23 Soul Doctors, Dana & The Joanis, Lane, Host Cooper Talbot
5/25 Whiskey and the Devil, The Grease Monkeys, Second to Safety, In The Water
5/29 Bunny Love, Cave Paintings, Able Baker, Roscoe

6/1 Madhop Hip Hop w/ K. Sankofa, Chas, Jake The Plug (full band), Bang Too Real, Young Vets, DJing by Memory, Hosted by Reconsiderate
6/7 Undercover Organism, The Civil Engineers
6/8 The Bitter Nothings
6/20 Flowstate & Wabasha
6/23 Searchlights, Squarewave, Nest of Saws
6/28 Dana Ives, Cave Paintings, Ghostar, Charlie Doesn’t Surf

7/5 Opliam, Tukkiman, Soul Doctors
7/17 The Turbos

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