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Art In

Art In

1444 E. Washington Avenue
Madison, WI 53703
Tel: 608-535-9976

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Live Music Schedule:

9/5 Broken Root, Distractions
9/7 Written Rumble 2
9/8 Ricky Dreamz, DJ Supastar, Obi Khan, Uncle Dopie, S.T.L.E., Kadillac Heart
9/9 Wild Age, The Mossmen
9/12 Smomid, Dr. Beatz, Asumaya
9/13 Vigil & Thieves, Coasting, Leash
9/15 White Bush Unicorn, The Shruggers
9/19 Yes Factory, Occupants Of The Sound, The Laureattes
9/21 Jailhouse Payback, Gary David and the Enthusiasts
9/26 Delinquents, Coasting, Cigarette Bums, Common Threads, Kermit Obert
9/29 Glassmen, Labrador, North by North, The Heavy Parts

10/3 David Liebe Hart (Tim & Eric), Chip The Black Boy, Whatever Your Heart Desires, Wood Chickens, Meat Jelly
10/4 Bryan Myrold, Hex House, Miyha
10/5 All The Notes w/ Drug Spider, Sons of Ra, AKKU Quintet, The Unnecessary Gunpoint Lecture
10/6 Hip Hop Fundraiser
10/7 Tiny Deaths
10/10 American Opera, Sam Ness, Lion of the Pines, The North Code, Woodrow
10/12 The Furious Bongos
10/13 Nineteen Thirteen
10/14 Kari’s Art Show w/ Fendrick & Peck
10/19 Orangefest 2018 w/ Lorican, Squidhammer Metal, All Kings Fall, Order of the Jackal
10/21 Lower Automation, Cowboy Amazing, The Faith Hills Have Eyes, Real Boy
10/27 El Donk, Rufus

11/1 Venus In Furs, The Hasbians
11/2 Mackenzie Moore
11/3 Shle Berry, Kilo aka Skitlz, Willie Wright, DJ Al Pine
11/7 Lowkeylife, trippyTB, John Will, JaSeth
11/8 Big Bills (EP Release), Chloe + Jay
11/10 Boat Patrol, Sugar and the Milkman, Apple Cold String Band
11/29 2018 Science Fair

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