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1444 E. Washington Avenue
Madison WI 53703
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Art In

Art In in Madison

Updated: 2/24/19 10:14pm

2/27 The Sad Bastards, Burlesque feat. Danger Noodle, Belle Folle, Aria Forte

3/1 Reggae Dancehall Night w/ Host Kuta Baldeh
3/2 Magic Conch, Wimbledon, Project Constellation, The Bitter Nothings
3/3 The Orcastrator, Foxy Dope, Mass Relay, The Science Project
3/7 Christina LaRocca, Benjamin Scully
3/8 Cribshitter, Negative Example, The Flavor That Kills
3/9 Rhyme & Reason 27 (Hip Hop)feat. Rec Riddles, Guerilla Ghost, Taiyamo Denku, Willie Wright, Bang Too Real, K. Sankofa
3/14 Pocket Vinyl, Supper Club, Uncle JIM
3/15 Honey Creek, Delinquents, Coasting, MAO, Common Threads
3/17 Novatore Louie Tour w/ Vex The MC, Reconsiderate, Rare, TG, john doe, Young Vets
3/22 Motherhive, Full Vinyl Treatment
3/23 Smells Like Kitschy Spirit VII (Celebrating DIY Music): Briarpatch Benefit
3/24 King Leopard, Audio Farm, Trey, Bright Kid
3/28 Morning Metaphor, Dumpster Doves
3/29 Blaze The Stage w/ Host Bang Too Real feat. Brezzy Esco, Trappak JFK, Jay B Coolin, Bob da Hippie, Kayo Killz

4/12 The Science Project, William Baxter, Zombie MaƱana Duo
4/13 Mile 134, Bury The Enemy, Trivial Pleasure, Order To Chaos, Matterwrath
4/17 Amanda Grace, All Good Things, The Lower Fifth
4/18 Midwest Soul Xchange
4/19 Blessed, Tunic

5/5 Eric Peter Schwartz
5/11 The Yarddogs

7/17 The Turbos

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