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1444 E. Washington Avenue
Madison WI 53703
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Art In

Art In in Madison

Updated: 10/29/19 1:02am

10/30 Daniel Champagne, Christopher Gold, Paul Creswell

11/1 The Shuntz, Auf Ki, Lunar Moth, Sky Urchin
11/3 Tough Old Bird, Logrunner, The Bitter Nothings, Air Cabin
11/8 Tulip, The Unnecessary Gunpoint Lecture, The Central
11/13 Tejon Street Corner Thieves, Yes ma’am, SS Web, Old Wolves
11/14 Dead Johnnys, Crackity Jones, Butter Brick
11/15 Proud Parents, Platinum Boys, We Should Have Been DJs
11/22 Night Water, Julian Lynch, William Z. Villain
11/23 Big Bills, Uncontrolled Substances, Chloe Louise
11/30 Pocket Park

2/5 Rages and Riches

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