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The Chandelier Club

The Chandelier Club

162 Eisenhower Drive #400
Appleton, WI 54136
Tel: 920-268-6586

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Live Music Schedule:

10/24 Max Jones, Keith Farnum
10/25 A-Town
10/29 Jordin Baas
10/31 Tequila Tango, Shannon Love-Herzfeld

11/29 Strategic

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The Chandelier Club promises to leverage an eclectic blend of of lively sounds, live entertainment, interesting personalities and the refined art of the cocktail—in a glamorous yet comfortable setting.

The Chandelier Club is about the experience. It is about falling in love. It is the feeling of being carefree when nothing in the world matters—except enjoying the company of people that are invaluable in your life. Our desire is to take care of you and yours. We will work to harness your trust in cultivating an environment where you relax, unwind and undoubtedly enjoy yourself—every visit, with every cocktail selection offered. We want to entice you to discover classic recipes—and those handcrafted by some of the finest bartenders that central Wisconsin has to offer.

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