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  • BarleyPop Live

    121 W. Main St.
    Madison WI 53703
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    BarleyPop Live

    BarleyPop Live in Madison

    Updated: 3/1/20 3:31pm

    Thursdays: Trivia Night (7:30pm)

    3/6 Fuzzysurf, The Shabelles, Supper Club
    3/8 International Women’s Day Celebration
    3/12 Lunar Moth, Matty Ann & the Vacant, Since When
    3/13 Shellac, Loki’s Folly (SOLD OUT)
    3/14 Punk Pi Day w/ Midsummer, Schmoolio, Common Threads, Cleveland Avenue, Stealing Seasons
    3/19 Shithole, Weeper, Full Shred Ahead, Shoobie
    3/20 The Bombpops, Tightwire, Billy Liar
    3/26 Huntsmen, Snow Burial, Corridoré

    5/9 Moxner, Sable Sheep, Binge Crosby

    BarleyPop Live Online: