Bos Meadery

849 E. Washington Ave.
Madison WI 53703
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Bos Meadery

Bos Meadery in Madison

Updated: 9/2/19 5:49am

Tuesdays: Adult Game Night: Board Games (5/6pm)
Sundays: Open Mic (2-5pm)

9/4 Skylar Nahn
9/5 Mead to Laugh! Comedy Showcase
9/6 Dana & The Joanis, Kat & The Hurricane
9/7 Outside Voices (Album Release)
9/8 The Bitter Nothings & Friends
9/11 Squirrel Gravy
9/12 WORT’s Willy St. Fair Warmup Party feat. Cats on Leashes, Lonesome Cobras, and DJ’s
9/14 ST37, The Gran Fury, Full Vinyl Treatment
9/15 Mortality Play, Stranded Karma, Cosmosss
9/18 Jules Iolyn
9/19 The Dead Johnnys, Swill
9/20 Murder, Mayhem & Despair (Dark Folk Weirdness)
9/21 Adrenaline Armory Birthday Bash w/ Cowboy Amazing, Chi Noden, Irritable Discontent
9/22 Mark Lint’s Dry Folk (CD Release)
9/26 Matt DeBlass & Friends
9/27 Combo Noir
9/28 Alleyway, Sabotage, OV MOROS
9/29 Nostalgic Vibes Fall Fest feat. Raine Stern, Landon Devon, BUGGANG, Visiting Hours, Young Vets, Daycatcher, Killswitch, Big Byrd

10/2 Muse Fuse
10/3 Mead to Laugh! Comedy Showcase
10/4 Harvest Fest Kickoff Party w/ MC Flowpoetry, Pine Travelers Duo, Gary David & the Enthusiasts!
10/5 Freya Fest 2019 w/ BingBong, The Hasbians, Ladyscissors, Georgia Rae, Punk Ass Unicorns (5:30pm)
10/9 Squirrel Gravy
10/11 Strangebyrds, Josh Harty
10/17 Juli Johnson (Album Release), Linn Jennings
10/19 Sweet Sheiks
10/20 Rosewater
10/23 VOLK
10/24 Matt DeBlass & Friends
10/25 Butter Brick, Rufus
10/26 Billy Joe and the Affordables (Billy Joel Tribute)
10/31 Birth of Tragedy, All Meridians

11/2 Common Chord
11/8 Corey Mathew Hart
11/9 Emerald Grove
11/13 Squirrel Gravy
11/15 Mortality Play, Death on Fire, Primal Enemy
11/16 Ha-Has & Heavies
11/28 Matt DeBlass & Friends
11/29 Black Friday 90’s Party w/ Star 67

12/7 Johnny Likes Noize
12/11 Squirrel Gravy
12/13 Sam Ness
12/21 Vets on Frets

Bos Meadery Online:

Venue Description:

The Bos Meadery Tasting Room opened in 2015. Colleen Bos, a former medievalist and long-time homebrewer, has also attended Siebel
Institute’s concise course on brewing technology and has over 12 years of experience as a project manager in research and technology fields.

We make a number of meads here at Bos Meadery, many of them available all year ’round. We pride ourselves on using local and regionally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Our honey is never pasteurized, so it maintains its many health benefits throughout the fermentation process, and our finished meads are naturally gluten-free.

Bos Meadery seeks to bring mead into the 21st century and introduce it to the thriving community of local foodies and craft beverage lovers
in Wisconsin. Our emphasis is on using quality ingredients to create highly quaffable dry and sparkling modern meads. Mead Made Modern!