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  • Bos Meadery

    849 E. Washington Ave.
    Madison WI 53703
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    Bos Meadery

    Bos Meadery in Madison

    Updated: 3/1/20 3:43pm

    Shows are @ 7pm Unless Otherwise Indicated
    Tuesdays: Adult Game Night: Board Games (5-10pm)
    Sundays: Open Mic (2-5pm)

    3/4 7000apart, Chloe Louise
    3/5 Seafoam in my Swimsuit, Call & Complain
    3/6 The Dead Johnnys, Butter Brick
    3/7 Vets on Frets (2:30pm)
    3/7 Funk Summit Bass Team, The Flavor That Kills
    3/8 Viking Church (6pm)
    3/11 Without a Comb, Old Oaks
    3/12 Kat and the Hurricane, Gender Confetti, 90sdreamboy
    3/13 Mead to Laugh Comedy
    3/14 Femmes Ferment: Festival of Femail Fermenters w/ HellMuff & Friends
    3/15 The Good Table: Late Winter Pop-Up w/ Linn Jennings (6pm)
    3/18 Molly Mitchell
    3/19 Gary David & the Enthusiasts
    3/20 Lonesome Cobras
    3/21 Acoustic Collective (2:30pm)
    3/21 Order of the Jackal, Mhos and Ohms, All Meridians
    3/22 6.4 Sunday, Punk Ass Unicorns (6:30pm)
    3/25 Juli Johnson
    3/26 Matt DeBlass & Friends
    3/27 90’s Throwback Night w/ Star 67
    3/28 Common Chord (2:30pm)
    3/29 Nates’ Hip Hop Show (6pm)

    4/9 Hank Kimball & the County Agents
    4/10 Bent Antenna, 60 Grit
    4/19 Tom Kastle
    4/22 Jake Sanders, Christo Ruppenthal: Jazz Guitar Duo

    5/9 Madison Makers Spring Market & Pub Crawl (12pm)
    5/15 Brian Koenig

    6/14 Viking Church w/ Morpheus Black, Not the Cops, Birth of Tragedy (6pm)

    7/11 Aaron Brenton Trio

    9/21 Ellie’s Birthday Bash (Ellie Erickson)

    Bos Meadery Online:

    Venue Description:

    The Bos Meadery Tasting Room opened in 2015. Colleen Bos, a former medievalist and long-time homebrewer, has also attended Siebel
    Institute’s concise course on brewing technology and has over 12 years of experience as a project manager in research and technology fields.

    We make a number of meads here at Bos Meadery, many of them available all year ’round. We pride ourselves on using local and regionally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Our honey is never pasteurized, so it maintains its many health benefits throughout the fermentation process, and our finished meads are naturally gluten-free.

    Bos Meadery seeks to bring mead into the 21st century and introduce it to the thriving community of local foodies and craft beverage lovers
    in Wisconsin. Our emphasis is on using quality ingredients to create highly quaffable dry and sparkling modern meads. Mead Made Modern!