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  • The Cactus Club

    2496 S Wentworth Avenue
    Milwaukee WI 53207
    (414) 897-0663
    (6090) Page Views

    Cactus Club in Milwaukee's Bayview Neighborhood

    Cactus Club in Milwaukee

    Updated: 3/1/20 4:04pm

    3/5 Big Syn, Operations, Randal Bravery
    3/6 Agua de Rosas
    3/7 CRLSS, Kendra Amalie, Vanity Plates, Genau (2pm)
    3/7 Apollo Vermouth, Haunter, Snag, Large Print, Beach Burial
    3/13 Panic on Panic (Album Release), Cashfire Sunset, Saebra & Carlyle
    3/14 Sweet Cobra, High Gallows, Heavy Down, Emissary (All Ages)
    3/14 Control Top, Weeping Icon
    3/15 The Quilz DJ Team, Magnetic Minds, Testa Rosa, Red Stuff, Juniper Tar, Retoro, Bleed
    3/19 Flesh Panthers, Rexxx, Hughes Family Band, Indonesian Junk
    3/20 Immortal Bird REZN, Knaaves
    3/21 Palm Ghosts, Luxi, Lack of Reason
    3/25 Valerie Lighthart, Jennifer Hall, Fuzzysurf
    3/27 Body Futures, Maple Stave, Nonagon, Heavy Hand, DJ Josh “The Wizard” Davis
    3/29 Vin Clortho (EP Release, OQ, Yum Yum Cult

    4/1 V.V. Lightbody, Ruth B8r Ginsburg, Caley Conway
    4/2 Algiers, Ganser
    4/3 Cafe Racer, Operations, Cairns
    4/4 IfIHadAHiFi, Sump Pump, Holy Shit!, Waxeater, FUZZBOX DJs
    4/5 Natural Born Leaders, Jayne Joyce, Yogi B & Keez
    4/6 Slam Workshop w/ Rachal Duggan
    4/8 C.W. Stoneking
    4/9 The Hip Adbuction
    4/12 Kevin Krauter
    4/21 The Red Pears

    5/7 Sheer Mag, Young Guv
    5/29 Split Single, Eyelids, Graham Hunt Band

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    From Myspace Profile: I’m a rock club in Milwaukee. I like drinking. To the outside, I may appear small, but I have a big heart. I like drinking. I hope you like drinking too. I live in the Bayview Neighborhood of Milwaukee at 2496 S. Wentworth Ave. Bands that have performed inside me include The White Stripes, Queens of the Stone Age, Interpol, Death Cab for Cutie, Trans Am, The Promise Ring, The Dirtbombs,The Faint, Spoon, Bright Eyes, and countless others.. We are open daily at 3pm…happy hour from 3-7pm!!!