Cafe Carpe

18 S. Water Street
Fort Atkinson WI 53538
(920) 563-9391
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Cafe Carpe in downtown Fort Atkinson. Photo by Arthur E. Welch III

Cafe Carpe in Fort Atkinson

Updated: 7/1/19 5:16pm

7/6 Open Stage
7/11 New Pioneers
7/13 The Boston Imposters
7/18 Rod Picott
7/19 Piper Road
7/20 Lonesome Bill Camplin
7/24 Scott Ainslie
7/25 Song Circle w/ Tricia Alexander

8/1 Spook Handy
8/2 Steve Forbert
8/3 Roy Bookbinder
8/8 New Pioneers
8/13 Kevin Prater Band
8/21 Bill Staines
8/22 The Lowest Pair
8/24 Georgia Rae Family Band
8/29 Song Circle w/ Tricia Alexander
8/30 John Gorka

9/11 Talbott Brothers
9/12 New Pioneers
9/13 Tricia Alexander, Kaia Fowler, Diana Laffey
9/14 Roxanne Neat
9/15 Tannahill Weavers
9/19 Tracy Grammer
9/20 Mike Dowling
9/21 Luray
9/22 Lucy Kaplansky
9/26 Danny Schmidt

10/3 Song Circle w/ Tricia Alexander
10/12 Brooks Williams
10/26 Craig Cardiff
10/31 Song Circle w/ Tricia Alexander

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Venue Description:

The Café Carpe is a restaurant, bar, and music club in downtown Fort Atkinson, a city of 12,000 in southeastern Wisconsin- 35 miles southeast of Madison, 60ish miles southwest of Milwaukee, 20 miles northeast of Janesville, about 6900 miles west of Baghdad. Fort Atkinson is noted for being the birthplace of Peter Urban and onetime home to Jeffrey Foucault, the place where he cut some of his musical teeth on a few bottles of beer. Of most interest to anyone bothering to get to this site is the music club part of the above-listed triumvirate.

The Carpe has a talk-free, smoke-free listening room separate from its main bar-dining area. (This does not mean that one can talk and smoke for free.) The room, which has great acoustics, seats 60 people comfortably but can hold 70 people who are enthralled enough by a performance that they only almost forget they are sweaty, their butts hurt, and they can’t move without a serious invasion of someone else’s personal space.

Shows are primarily on the weekend nights, and there is a cover charge for all performances except the periodic open stages.