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  • Come Back In

    508 East Wilson St.
    Madison WI 53703
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    Comeback Inn

    Come Back In in Madison

    Updated: 3/1/20 4:45pm

    Sundays: Band In A Box Karaoke w/ Lars! (9pm)

    3/2 One Human Band
    3/3 Tom Weber
    3/4 Robert J.
    3/5 Jackie Ernst
    3/6 Troye Shanks
    3/7 The N’achos
    3/9 One Human Band
    3/10 Tom Weber
    3/11 Robert J.
    3/12 Gin Mill Hollow
    3/13 Taylor Schereck
    3/14 Deep Pool
    3/16 One Human Band
    3/17 Deep Pool
    3/18 Robert J.
    3/19 Jackie Ernst
    3/20 The Holler
    3/23 One Human Band
    3/24 Tom Weber
    3/25 Robert J.
    3/26 Jackie Ernst
    3/27 Raine Stern
    3/28 Valerie B. & the Boyz
    3/30 One Human Band
    3/31 Tom Weber

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    Venue Description:

    Cross the border to the Come Back In, a comfortable rustic bar serving a large selection of hearty sandwiches and daily specials. Open 7 days a week.

    * 26 micro beers and imports on tap!
    * 100 micro bottles to choose from!
    * Outdoor seating available!
    * Next door to the Essen Haus!

    Open for Breakfast every Saturday & Sunday at 8am!

    Also check here for our UW-Badgers football shuttle schedule and tailgate schedule.