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  • Crucible

    3116 Commercial Avenue
    Madison WI 53714
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    Crucible in Madison

    Updated: 3/1/20 10:43pm

    Wednesdays: Karaoke w/ Host Spike Bolen ~ New Themes Every Week! (8pm)
    Fourth Fridays: Deviance (BDSM Play Event) w/ DJs Spike and Psychotron
    Sundays: Dark Arts & Crafts (1pm)

    *All Events are Ages 21+ unless otherwise noted

    3/4 Karaoke: Monochrome
    3/5 Extra AF Comedy
    3/5 80’s Night w/ DJ ellafine
    3/6 Vinyl and Bass w/ DJs Hyperactive, The Hermit, Sam Snee
    3/7 Leather & Lace w/ DJs WhiteRabbit and Mike Carlson
    3/11 Karaoke: Dystopia
    3/12 The Gothsicles, Conformco, Absynthe Of Faith, Sweat Boys, DJ Eurotic
    3/13 Desi’s Dirty 30 B-Day Show w/ Without Waves, The Unnecessary Gunpoint Lecture, Cowboy Amazing, Tulip, Ave Imperator
    3/14 Muse: Mardi Gras Life Drawing and Photography (1pm)
    3/14 Body to Body: Klack (CD Release), Damascus Knives
    3/18 Karaoke: Pupper Doggo
    3/19 Canyon Of The Skull, All Meridians
    3/20 “The Guild” Web Series Free Screening (8pm)
    3/20 The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Midnight)
    3/21 Blighted Ones (Album Release 4pm)
    3/21 Masquerade: Romans & Barbarians w/ DJ Cykophuk
    3/25 Karaoke: Stuffed Animals
    3/26 Amateur Burlesque Night (7pm)
    3/26 Insidious, Acideon (9pm)
    3/27 Deviance
    3/28 Casket Robbery, Matianak, Tubal Cain, Furnace Born, Doyle McPoyle (7pm)
    3/29 XXVengeance: The Mixfit’s Birthday Bashback

    4/1 Das Ich Live, DJ Senseless
    4/2 Extra AF Comedy
    4/8 Karaoke: Leather
    4/11 Reverb w/ Sensuous Enemy, am.psych, Aviatrix On Fire
    4/15 Karaoke: Angels & Demons
    4/16 Kanga, ∆aimon, I.X.XI
    4/22 Karaoke: Renn Faire

    5/2 May Mayhem 2020 w/ Evoked, The Faith Hills Have Eyes, PVSHOVR, All Kings Fall, Ave Imperator, Beetlegork, B.I.V., Dear Violence, Fool’s Brew, Plant, Catastrophic Heroes (4pm)
    5/6 Swallow The Sun, Infected Rain, Wheel, Bereft, Knaaves
    5/16 Singularity LARP
    5/28 The Issue

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