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Crucible in Madison

Updated: 10/29/19 10:07pm

Tuesdays: 8hertz Presents: Lucid Tuesdays (8pm)
Wednesdays: Karaoke w/ Host Spike Bolen ~ New Themes Every Week! (8pm)
Fourth Fridays: Deviance (BDSM Play Event) w/ DJs Spike and Psychotron
Sundays: Dark Arts & Crafts (1pm)

*All Events are Ages 21+ unless otherwise noted

10/30 Karaoke: Trick Or Treat!
10/31 Beta Blockers ~ Reverse Gossip Comedy (Performances 10/31, 11/1, 2, 9, 15, 16, 16 7pm)
10/31 This Is Halloween: Costume Dance Party w/ DJ Cykophuk (18+ 9pm)

11/1 Beta Blockers ~ Reverse Gossip: Comedy Shorts by Ned O’Reilly and Monologues by Chicago Playwright Barrie Cole (Performances 11/1-16 @ 7pm)
11/1 SPOIL: Bass vs. Zombies w/ DJs MOM, Imaginary Friend, Just Elmo, (9pm)
11/2 Death Saloon (3:30pm)
11/2 Beta Blockers ~ Reverse Gossip (7pm)
11/2 Halloween Hangover: Squidhammer Metal, Mutilated By Zombies, Accidental Suicide, Jingleheimer, Doyle McPoyle; “Undead” Costume Contest (8:30pm)
11/5 Reverb: Stoneburner w/ I.X.XI (8pm)
11/6 Karaoke: Dad Jokes Night
11/7 Extra AF Comedy feat: Elizabeth Joy, Margaret Leaf, Tyson Purcell, Sarah Schmidt, Melody Kate Waring (7:30pm)
11/7 Avant Garde Party w/ Comedian Cal Smith, 7ucky Vita, DJs evoSus (Nicholas Johnson), Rairie, Eggpants (9pm)
11/8 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult w/ CONFORMCO, BIOCARBON13, daddybear, DJ Ecto (18+ 7:30pm)
11/9 Beta Blockers ~ Reverse Gossip (7pm)
11/9 Black Celebration: Underdog Pet Rescue Benefit w/ DJs Siberia, Eurotic (9pm)
11/12 Lucid Tuesdays w/ Calsyx, Colonizer, Krug the Wizard, Smokahauntas (8pm)
11/14 Amateur Burlesque (7pm) 
11/14 Architects Of Blasphemy Tour: Satanic Hispanic x Plvgues, Wraith Haven, Sain’t (9pm) 
11/15 Ganser (6pm)
11/15 Hysteria: Myths & Legends (9pm)
11/15 The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Midnight 18+)
11/16 Beta Blockers ~ Reverse Gossip (7pm)
11/16 Masquerade: Speakeasy Roaring 20’s Gala w/ DJs ellafine and Mr. Automatic (9pm)
11/18 Exhumed, Gatecreeper, Necrot, Judiciary (18+ 7pm)
11/21 Pillow Talk - Lingerie Play Party (9pm) 
11/23 Glow With The Flow: Body Painting and Fire Show (adv. sign up 7pm)
11/23 Continuum (9pm 18+)
11/24 Hush: w/ DJ Ryan Parks (7pm)         
11/29 Goth AF Friday: w/DJs ellafine, Samogon (9pm 18+)
11/30 Drag King Extravaganza: Feat. Dick Fitzwell (6pm)

12/5 Extra AF Comedy: Holiday Edition
12/6 SPOIL
12/7 Nightmare Before Xmas Market
12/7 Lords of the Trident, Cwn Annwn, Flame & the Void, Amillennial
12/13 Dan’s Farewell Show feat. Seisma, Upon Extinction, Mile 134
12/14 Naughty Pop-Up Boutique (11am)
12/14 EDGES: Null Device (CD Release), DJs ellafine, senseless
12/19 Pillow Talk - Lingerie Play Party
12/20 Hysteria Drag Show (8pm)
12/20 The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Midnight 18+)
12/21 Homemade Swimsuit Contest III (7pm)
12/21 Masquerade: Misfit Toys (9pm)
12/28 Bottoms Up Aerial Burlesque (6pm)
12/28 Continuum Dance Party w/ DJ Cykophuk (9pm)
12/31 20:20 NYE: All Night ~ All Out (8pm-7am)

1/23 301 Presents: Of Virtue, In Search Of Solace, Archers, Immortalis, Waiting For Reason

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