Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest

Library Mall (State & Lake Streets)
Madison WI 53706

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Harvest Fest 2019

Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest in Madison

Updated: 9/2/19 3:18pm

Longest Running Marijuana Festival in the USA!
Live Music ~ Speakers ~ Vendors
October 4-6, 2019

October 4 ~ Kick Off Party @ Bos Meadery
MC Flow Poetry
Pine Travelers Duo
Gary David & the Enthusiasts

October 5 & 6 ~ Library Mall (End of State Street)
Natty Nation
Soul Symmetry
Spare Change Trio
Earth To Clark
Sista Sensi & the Buds-Modern Joey
Belly Button Club
Civil Engineers
Paul Stanford
Gary David & the Enthusiasts
Farmer Bill Hawkins
Rep. Sheil Stubbs
County Board Supvr. Vogesh Chawla
Lando Commando
Eric Marsch
Zach Steeno
Pine Travelers Duo
Rep. Jonathan Brostoff
Tammy Joy Wood
Rep. Melissa Sargent

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What it is: The 48th Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest! The largest marijuana festival in the Midwest! Live bands, speakers, vendors, smoking, and eating 😉