Tip Top Tavern

601 North Street
Madison WI 53704
(608) 241-5515
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Tip Top Bar Madison

Tip Top Tavern in Madison

Updated: 7/2/19 8:36pm

Tuesdays: Open Mic w/ Nate Meng (9pm) Sign Up Starts @ 8pm

7/5 DJs Hitachi, TheRealDJPatty
7/8 Of Phoenix and Crowe, Jack o’ The Dust, Crystal Olivel, Krystal Baumann
7/10 Jack o’ The Dust
7/11 DJ Dead Medium Resurrection
7/12 New Recruits
7/13 Nate Meng + Special Guests
7/17 Darn It, Free Dirt, Blue Union
7/18 DJ Dead Medium Resurrection
7/19 Luer, J Soliday, Louise Bock
7/20 Dumb Vision, Pissin’ Comets, The Rush, Bob Loblaw
7/25 Xander Anim
7/26 IfIhadaHiFi, Telechrome, Momotaros
7/27 Daily Smoker

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Historic bar on Madison’s northeast side featuring many local spirits and micro-brews as well as great food, fish fry Fridays, and live music on the patio and inside.