Willy Street Pub & Grill/The Wisco

852 Williamson Street
Madison WI 53703
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Willy Street Pub/The Wisco

Willy Street Pub & Grill/The Wisco in Madison

Updated: 1/2/19 12:40pm

Mondays: Karaoke & Tacos (9pm)

1/5 Bourbon House, Fools and Lovers, Meat Jelly
1/10 Wormfoot, Cosmic Relic, The Mothering
1/11 Brave You, Schmoolio, Middle-Aged Overdose, True Name
1/12 F#@& Alzheimer’s Benefit w/ Fake News, The Red Flags, Bashford, No Love Dog, We Should Have Been DJs, Dystopian Echo (6pm)
1/13 REZN, Attalia, Shogun
1/18 Meat Jelly, Mud Dog, No Love Dog, Hosted By Death By Flocks of Crows
1/19 Our Friends The Savages, Cold Black River, Bashford
1/20 Geyser, Jake Larson, J-Terror
1/25 Rogue Rat, The Gran Fury, Fake News

2/15 Dumpster Dick, 2 Left Shoes, Voice of Addiction

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