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  • X-RAY Arcade

    5880 S. Howell Ave.
    Milwaukee WI 53207
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    X-Ray Arcade Milwaukee

    X-RAY Arcade in Milwaukee

    Updated: 3/1/20 1:36am

    Wednesdays: Karaoke w/ Trixy Mercury

    3/6 Child Bite, Convert, Soup Moat
    3/7 Mac Lethal, Crypt, Feral The Earthworm
    3/8 Open Mic (4pm)
    3/11 Tiny Moving Parts, Belmont, Capstan, Jetty Bones
    3/12 Flatfoot 56, Primitivs, The DUI’s
    3/13 Primal Enemy, Oblivion Zero, Crowning The Tyrant, Bloodletter, Luna In Sanguinem
    3/14 Pilfers, Something To Do, Some Kind of Nightmare, Size 5’s, PFC Pierce
    3/15 Bad Omens, Oh Sleeper, Thousand Below, Bloodline, The Martyr Complex
    3/19 Early Eyes
    3/20 Deal’s Gone Slack
    3/21 After Hour Animals, Dreamhouse, American Bandit, These Fading Visions, Garden Home
    3/27 Cleopatrick, Ready The Prince, The Keystones
    3/28 Flu-Like Symptoms, Sleepersound, Neocaveman, Crlss
    3/30 OSO OSO, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Just Friends, Sincere Engineer
    3/31 Hotel Books, Comrades, State Faults, Frail Body, Ritual Room

    4/3 Black Belt Eagle Scout
    4/11 Subhumans, All Torn Up, FEA
    4/12 Teenage Bottlerocket, Tightwire, Avenues, Dislocation
    4/13 Beneath The Massacre, Hive, Micawber, Pains, Modern Lobotomy
    4/18 The Eradicator, Worlds Scariest Police Chases
    4/24 The Buttertones, Iguana Death Cult
    4/26 Such Gold, Honey Creek, Payasa

    5/1 Psychostick
    5/2 Okilly Dokilly, Steaksauce Mustache, Nasty Boys, Gunderslam
    5/7 Misery Signals, End, Chamber, Neck of the Woods
    5/16 Foxing

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    X-Ray Arcade is an artist-owned, DIY-minded live performance venue and meeting place. Our mission is to exist.