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Cafe Montmartre

in Madison, WI
by Mike Huberty - April 2008

Photo Caption: Madison's Cafe Montmarte has been the epicenter of the city's hipster cult since it began in 1992

Madison's Cafe Montmarte has been the epicenter of the city's hipster cult since it began in 1992

***Permanently Closed, location now called “Heritage”

Madison’s Cafe Montmarte (or The Momo as it has been affectionately nicknamed) has been the epicenter of the city’s hipster culture for years. Named after a hill in the north of Paris (and meaning “Mount of the Martyr” because France’s patron saint was decapitated there in 250 A.D.), the Cafe is one of Madison’s great survivors (since 1992 which is a virtual eternity as a music venue) and for good reason. They label it as a “wine bar and jazz cafe” but that’s really selling the place short. Entrees run well outside of the usual bar food. There’s a “crepe du jour” and where else in town features a different kind of crepe every day? The upscale eating also includes dishes such as Trois Boules (Lamb and pork meatballs!) and a Brie and caramelized onions pizza. The booze selection ranges from Blatz to 12-year Glenlivet and almost everything in between, including a large wine selection. It’s high brow, but with plenty of Midwestern down-to-earthness.

Every week there are drink specials and events going on, starting on Mondays where not only can you find half-priced bottles of wine, but it’s also Hammond Organ night! Tuesdays feature half-price pitchers of beer and musical performances. Wednesdays through Saturdays feature everything from acoustic singer-songwriters to DJs spinning to indie-pop artists performing with as a full band. There are frequently trivia nights and there are almost always displays from local artists adorning the walls. It’s not a lunch place (they open at 3pm on weekdays, Saturdays at 5 and Sundays at 7) but with live music and events almost every night of the week, there’s certainly something interesting, whether it’s dancing, performances, or contests, going on every night at the Momo.

Bands interested in booking at the café can find the contact information on their website at

Cafe Montmartre
1227 E. Mifflin Street
Madison, WI 53703 (608)255-5900

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