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  • Maracatu New York

    Album title: Baque de Brooklyn
    Record Label: Nation Beat Music
    Rating: 8
    by Andrew Frey
    July 2013
    (1925) Page Views

    Maracatu New York - Baque de Brooklyn

    Maracatu New York - Baque de Brooklyn

    If there is to be an Ambassador of Maracatu, Scott Kettner, percussionist, band leader and drummer for Maracatu New York and Nation Beat would be a great choice. After years of study and immersion into this style, while living in Brazil he was able to become a master in the field and take the sound worldwide. Experience the evolution of this unique drumming style through the 12 tracks here and expect the unexpected when they slip in a great cover of Led Zepplin’s “Over The Hills and Far Away.” 

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