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  • Adham Shaikh

    Album title: Basswalla
    Record Label: Black Swan Sounds
    Rating: 9
    by Andrew Frey
    June 2015
    (1541) Page Views

    Adham Shaikh - Basswalla

    Adham Shaikh - Basswalla

    Pioneering work in the “global bass” style, Canadian musician Adham Shaikh’s Basswalla release culminates his 25-year dedication to creating and perpetuating the global fusion side of electronica. The suffix “-walla” indicates mastery in a particular discipline in India and so it is used here as an accent to his dedication as well as his return to his Indian roots. Traditional Indian rhythms and beats are spiced up with bass heavy electronica creating sensational palettes of saucy dance delectables to sample and savor.

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