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  • Papadosio

    Album title: Content Coma
    Record Label: Self Released
    Rating: 8
    by Andrew Frey
    October 2018
    (555) Page Views

    Papadosio - Content Coma

    Papadosio - Content Coma

    This Asheville, NC band offered forth 30 ideas were coalesced utilizing an online collaborative platform (Spice) into what would become the diverse 12 track content of this musical commentary about our dependence on technology.  Recording in a professional recording studio created high quality production while spotlighting the talents of each individual musician, whether they spin tales of mellow psychedelia, indie psych rock, ambient instrumental jams or poignant pokes and jibes. Catch Papadosio at the Majestic Theatre on 11/3 with Evanoff

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