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  • Filastine

    Album title: L00T
    Record Label: Muti Music
    Rating: 10
    by Andrew Frey
    April 2012
    (1708) Page Views

    Filastine - L00T

    Filastine - L00T

    Splitting his time between activism and artistry, Filastine has melded together a blanket of polyrhythmic input assembled at street level from Bangladesh to Bornio. Using gritty acoustic inputs and modded-out metal shopping carts as “the perfect modern instrument”, he rides the intersection of unabashed globalism and bass music as an audio-visual nomad and percussionist. Whether bringing a spectrum of instruments into a low-frequency dubstep grind or sampling multilingual tales of environmental implosion, this artist has a lot to say and says it his own way. Brilliant! 

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