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  • Freak Kitchen

    Album title: Land of the Freaks
    Record Label: The Laser's Edge
    Rating: 9
    by Andrew Frey
    May 2012
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    Freak Kitchen - Land of the Freaks

    Freak Kitchen - Land of the Freaks

    Touted as ‘Europe’s best musical secret’ due to limited distribution, Freak Kitchen has just had their back-catalog released and this one from 2009 is the first in line. The progressive power trio consists of three renowned virtuoso musicians - Mattias “IA” Eklundh (guitar/vocals), Christer Ortefors (bass), and Bjorn Fryklund (drums). When these hard-working musicians are not performing in a band, they are out teaching clinics. The music contains creative progressive rock elements with a healthy dose of Frank Zappa influenced humor plus musical shenanigans and acrobatics galore.

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