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  • Baroness

    Album title: Purple
    Record Label: Abraxan Hymns
    Rating: 8
    by Andrew Frey
    February 2016
    (1370) Page Views

    Baroness - Purple

    Baroness - Purple

    They ascended to top of the metal heap with their masterpiece Yellow and Green, only to be thrust into temporary oblivion by a tragic bus accident, resulting in among other things fractured vertebrae and near limb amputation. This broke the band into pieces causing the loss of 2 members and a lot of momentum. Their return, Purple, finds their angst, wounds and determination woven into another tantalizing musical tapestry of intense emotion pounding and atmospheric groovy refrains while offering a home to two new members and their own record label. Wish the production was better. (8) yourbaroness.com

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