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  • Griz

    Album title: Ride Waves
    Record Label: Griz
    Rating: 10
    by Andrew Frey
    May 2019
    (1192) Page Views

    Griz - Ride Waves

    Griz - Ride Waves

    Some of the fattest, most exciting beats I have heard in a while! Griz’ 5th studio album is riding BIG! Bigger beats, bigger sounds, and bigger collaborators (Snoop Dog, Wiz Khalifa, Bootsy Collins). While the vibes are high, the grooves are deep and the beats are blasting, Griz covers a lot of other territory too, reflecting his immersion into societal influences, culture amid a pleasant variety of soundscapes and musical approaches. Maybe you will be lucky enough to see him on May 17 at Armory in Minneapolis, MN

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