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  • Dirtwire

    Album title: Road Goes All Night
    Record Label: Beats Antique Records
    Rating: 9
    by Andrew Frey
    December 2018
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    Dirtwire - Road Goes All Night

    Dirtwire - Road Goes All Night

    Sometimes instruments plays a big roll in what a recording sounds like and there are few releases that have more a unique sound than this. I saw them last fall at Shangri La Festival and they were quite enthralling thanks in part to Mark Reveley’s Whamola bass and Greek tanbur as well as Even Fraser’s Kamole ngoli and bass ngoli plus David Satori’s bowed banjo and guitarjo. Throw in a harmonica, and smear on some southwestern grit and the folktronica that this trio of talented multi-instrumentalists produce will excite and captivate!

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