Shpongle Static

Album title: Live at Ozra 2019
Record Label: Twisted Records Ltd
Rating: 9
by Andrew Frey
February 2020
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Shpongle Static - Live at Ozra 2019

Shpongle Static - Live at Ozra 2019

If you were wondering if the name meant this was the phenomenal fusion of two visionary musical talents, SHPONGLE (Simon Posford) & EAT STATIC (Merv Pepler), you would be correct! Cross pollinating their globally appealing psychedelic electronic music is certainly a treat and if you were lucky enough to attend this legendary Psychedelic Trance festival in Ozra, Hungary you could have seen it take place in front of your eyes. For the rest of us though, this landmark release will tell the tale of their combined sonic wizardry.

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Download Live at Ozra 2019
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