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  • Eclectic Vibes - March 2017

    by Andrew Frey

    Datsik whirling it up at the Majestic Theater on 2/21/17 - photo by Andrew Frey

    Datsik whirling it up at the Majestic Theater on 2/21/17 - photo by Andrew Frey

    “Let no man pull you low enough to hate him,” Martin Luther King Jr.

    The Canadian music producer and DJ known as Datsik blew the doors off the Majestic Theater when he brought his phenomenal Ninja Nation Tour to Madison on 2/21! From his LED studded Final Fantasy style head-wear to the ever energizing flow of imagery that blasted across the screens dominating the stage, Datsik was on point for the evening. Even though this was the smallest venue on the tour to date, the ultra high energy sold out Tues night crowd was fulfilled and delighted by the hardcore headbanging trap music that was loud enough to scatter your mind and rattle your eyes. Bravo! datsik.com

    Endlessly hypnotic and all-instrumental, the dynamic New York-bred rock-fusion four-piece known as Tauk are touring through showing off selections from their third album, Sir Nebula. With gentle melodies woven with textured soundscapes and crossed by urgent rhythms packing juicy guitar riffs, fans of jam, jazz and progressive rock will be delighted on 3/9 when they play at the Majestic Theater in Madison. Make sure to also catch openers PHO. www.taukband.com

    Patterns may be everywhere in music, but the ones that perk our ears and move our body are certainly the ones that ultimately have the most integrity. Livetronic superstars Papadosio have been producing integral music for over a decade now and continually explore the diverse levels of their musically dichotomy which ranges from furiously danceable to alternative rocking as well as deeply introspective and finely tuned soundscapes. Discover what patterns emerge for you when they perform on 3/11 at Miramar Theater in Milwaukee and 3/12 at Majestic Theater in Madison with openers Jaw Gems. www.papadosio.com

    Who knew that nefariously misguided robots would evolve into playing death metal? The so called band, Captured By Robots, composed of 2 kick ass robots and 1 stupid human, has been sputtering goop and spewing musical output long enough to qualify for a “20 YEARS OF SUFFERING” tour. If the robots and human can cooperate, the show will certainly be denegrated by selections from their latest, Endless Circle of Bullshit. Freaking out on 3/29 at the Frequency in Madison, WI. www.capturedbyrobots.com

    This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Antipodean thru 10 is Thoroughgoing

    Dirtwire - Showdown

    Dirtwire - Showdown


    Album title: Showdown
    Record Label: Beats Antique Records
    Rating: 9

    Headstrong in eclecticism, and with the addition of Mark Reveley on the Whamola, now a trio, this college trained cow poke crew crosses gritty blues with funk, Americana and world beats to create fulfilling multi instrumental flavors that are experimental yet desperado deep. Oh ya!

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    Dirtwire online:

    R-ODD - Caffeine

    R-ODD - Caffeine


    Album title: Caffeine
    Record Label: Business Casual
    Rating: 9

    Hyperactive sampling with some future funk and vaguely clubbable drops propel this traphop vaporwave entry into repeated listens thanks to its eclectic rhythmic conundrums and squirrely caveats. Released on cassette (as well as digital), there is plenty enough mish and mash to love up no matter what format you choose to listen to it on.

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