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  • Eclectic Vibes - January 2019

    by Andrew Frey

    People Brothers Band at High Noon Saloon celebrating 10 Years together - photo by Andrew Frey

    People Brothers Band at High Noon Saloon celebrating 10 Years together - photo by Andrew Frey

    I let go of a lot of things in 2018. From old habits to dietary distractions to outdated dreams as well as a ton of physical THINGS. Musically, 2018 was filled with some exceptional recordings, performances and spectacles. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see or hear them all. However I did see some fantastic performances by Ginkgoa, Sunsquabi, Primus, CloZee, Dirtwire, Wookiefoot, Jon Wayne and the Pain, SoDown, and OPIUO, plus I got to be on stage with the one and only Puddles the Clown! Musical movies (A Star is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody) made many waves and charted high on both Billboard (and karaoke) charts. My most memorable recorded releases from 2018 boiled down to Sinner’s Syndrome by Moderator, Evasion by CloZee, The Great Attractor by Living Light, Entangled Everything by Globular, Live at Red Rocks b y Opiuo X Syzygy Orchestra and Future by Don Diablo.

    The final show of the year for me was the moving and memorable 10 year anniversary show of the People Brothers Band at High Noon Saloon on 12/29. Starting early and ending late, they played one set to open the evening, filling it with musician friends and former members before taking a break to let Frogleg played in the middle of it all. Capping off the evening, they played all their favorites and hits, new and old, ramped up with some sizzling solos and downright righteous standards. A friend even offered up in a marriage proposal. What an evening!

    Is Wisconsin heading for marijuana legalization? Too early to know if or when, but regardless, our friends in Bongzilla have been billowing THC instigated riffs and heading up the reefer referendum for so long, that I can’t even remember! Plus this time they offer something new! Grab your dank, come toke up and party down as they tap into their new Bongzilla Amerijuanican IPA. Certain to be a hemp hoedown on 2/2 at High Noon Saloon. www.facebook.com/Bongzilla

    This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Trenchant - 10 is Conducive

    Ninjula - Bass ‘n Honey

    Ninjula - Bass ‘n Honey


    Album title: Bass ‘n Honey
    Record Label: Ragtime Records
    Rating: 10

    Electro swing just keeps getting more exciting! From start to finish, these 6 explosive and super punchy tracks blast out zany breakbeats and wild groovey rhythms flavored full of vintage and big band era compensations with barely a moment to catch your breath. Get wound up in the hyper bass and glitch-hop your nights away to these edgy high octane tunes!

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    Yaima - Antidote

    Yaima - Antidote


    Album title: Antidote
    Record Label: Yaima
    Rating: 9

    Blooming with a connection to nature and sparked by the fire of internal growth and transformation, this third release by Seattle based duo Masaru Higasa (Guitar, flutes, handpan) and Pepper Proud (guitar & vocals) constructs gentle soundscapes filled with stories about the Lightness of Being. An introspective journey filled with atmosphere and many perspectives of the grand whole will please and pacify your inner soul itch.

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