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  • Eclectic Vibes - May 2019

    by Andrew Frey

    Tash Sultana

    Tash Sultana

    Dashing towards new musical frontiers makes for an exciting journey!

    For me, one of the most exciting musical discoveries of the last year is Tash Sultana. In just over one year, thanks to a few viral videos, this self taught Australian artist went from recording videos on her Go Pro at home to filling stadiums and playing large festivals. She has mastered over 12 instruments and her vocals shine with a magical, almost mystical quality. Plus, she delivers a live show that needs to be seen to be believed! See if you are a believer when you find her on 5/29 as she brings her Flow State World Tour to the Sylvee in Madison, WI. www.tashsultana.com

    Hot off a string of shows in England, acid jazz and downtempo DJ, Mark Farina, who considers himself a “modern day traveling minstrel” playing over 100 shows a year, comes to Mad Town. I first found out about him 20 ish years ago through his string of major mix compilations called the Mushroom Jazz series, but more recently also from the house compilations El Divinio.  Get jazzed up with him on 5/10 at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI with Funkenstein. djmarkfarina.net

    This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Quotidian through 10 is Ubiquitous

    Ayla Nereo - By the Light of the Dark Moon

    Ayla Nereo - By the Light of the Dark Moon

    Ayla Nereo

    Album title: By the Light of the Dark Moon
    Record Label: Jumpsuit Records
    Rating: 9

    The delicate interplay of vocal melodies and seductive rhythms is what makes this a standout release. Often collaborating and touring with Polish Ambassador, this sixth solo album for singer-songwriter Ayla Nereo finds her on her own, with her sound stronger and more developed than ever. The overlying concept of the album deals with shadow work and the healing reconciliation of self acceptance. As such, this dark moon-light brightens and grows with each listen! Experience her light at Electric Forrest or Shangri La music festival this fall!

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    Ayla Nereo online:

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    Griz - Ride Waves

    Griz - Ride Waves


    Album title: Ride Waves
    Record Label: Griz
    Rating: 10

    Some of the fattest, most exciting beats I have heard in a while! Griz’ 5th studio album is riding BIG! Bigger beats, bigger sounds, and bigger collaborators (Snoop Dog, Wiz Khalifa, Bootsy Collins). While the vibes are high, the grooves are deep and the beats are blasting, Griz covers a lot of other territory too, reflecting his immersion into societal influences, culture amid a pleasant variety of soundscapes and musical approaches. Maybe you will be lucky enough to see him on May 17 at Armory in Minneapolis, MN

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    Nango Manchay - Under Our Sun

    Nango Manchay - Under Our Sun

    Nango Manchay

    Album title: Under Our Sun
    Record Label: Desert Trax
    Rating: 9

    Incorporating instruments and original recordings from all corners of the earth (Nepal, Australia, Central America), this “tribute to the unification of humanity and the common goals of peace and understanding” is a multi layered musical marvel that weaves together traditional genres to create a magnificent tapestry of inspiration and sound. Connected by contemporary downtempo and bass-centric undercurrents, this guitarist and sitar player makes sure that the sound of actual plucking and strumming is still heard and appreciated.

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    Wolf Tech - Weird World

    Wolf Tech - Weird World

    Wolf Tech

    Album title: Weird World
    Record Label: Shanti Planti
    Rating: 9

    UK producer Wolf Tech (aka Tom Chant) embarks on a sonic adventure of great depth and magnitude. The psybass rhythms pulse and propel listeners to psychedelic worlds with cinematic vision, while melodic yet dynamic and driving dubstep delivers hi-tech trajectories into distant lands filled with spaced out ambiance and modern musical eruptions. Immerse yourself!

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    Wolf Tech online:

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