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  • Eclectic Vibes - August 2019

    by Andrew Frey

    People Fest in Yuba Wisconsin

    People Fest in Yuba Wisconsin

    The People Brothers Band is one of Madison’s most prolific and most loved bands. Their crowds keep growing as their fan base swells. PeopleFest is their festival. Celebrating numerous local and regional bands and musicians,  this funk, rock, jam and bluegrass laden festival is one of the closest big events to Madison. Expect great sets from Natty Nation, Frogleg, The Candymakers, The Uniphonics, Blackfoot Gypsies, Sun Stereo, Spare Change Trio, Sun Stereo and Tugg plus many others. Drift away on 8/8-10 to the Driftless Music Garden in Yuba, WI. driftlessmusicgardens.com

    Need a dose of HEAVY METAL? Mad With Power is Madison’s own Power Metal/Traditional Heavy Metal festival and offers bands from across the US. This year the fest boasts the roar and rapacity of Theocracy, Lords of the Trident, Hellion Prime, Judicator, Fiakra, Novareignand, and Widow. Additionally, attendees get to enjoy tons of FREE PLAY arcade and pinball games. Join with your fellow head banging metal brethren on 8/10 at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI. www.madwithpowerfest.com

    Hey Look! Another festival! The inaugural Great Midwestern Hootenanny is frames as being an indoor/outdoor day fest. It will feature some of the Midwest’s finest bands, craftiest beer, and most delectable food truck foods in the region. Over a dozen bands are on board including The Schwag, Joseph Huber, Them Coulee Boys, and Aaron Kamm and the One Drops, so there will be plenty of bluegrass, roots, Americana, blues, and jammin to keep you rolling throughout the day and night.  If you give a HOOT then find yourself at the High Noon Saloon on 9/1. https://www.high-noon.com/event/9709005/the-great-midwestern-hootenanny/

    This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Pestiferous thru 10 is Pulchritudinous

    Heilung - Futha

    Heilung - Futha


    Album title: Futha
    Record Label: Season of Mist
    Rating: 10

    Heilung (German for ‘healing’) is known for their striking live performances, complete with leather, and bone outfits, and primitive often homemade instruments. They call their genre Amplified History, which brings the far ancient Northern European past into the present. The atmospheric, sometimes dark, yet delicate, undeniably intense, and primitive style of neo folk that this Danish group plays is sung (and chanted) in multiple Scandinavian languages, which gives it a primal power and
    conviction deeper than experienced elsewhere. Authentic and truly unique!

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    Only Child Tyrant - Time to Run

    Only Child Tyrant - Time to Run

    Only Child Tyrant

    Album title: Time to Run
    Record Label: Nomark
    Rating: 9

    Brash and abrupt, throbbingly angular and obtrusive; found inside of indie, surf and slide, as well as doom and electronic. In what strange world could all of these exist? One that is an alias for mega producer Amon Tobin! Needing an outlet for material that didn’t fit into his other bodies of work Only Child Tyrant was born. These 8 tracks take you in mysterious ways to places you never knew you could get to. Whether bleeping or grinding this will have you wandering but finding.

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    Yung Bae - Bae 5

    Yung Bae - Bae 5

    Yung Bae

    Album title: Bae 5
    Record Label: The Future Of Funk
    Rating: 10

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