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  • Eclectic Vibes November 2019

    by Andrew Frey

    Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

    Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

    While most poets are relegated to open mics and coffee house corners, lyrical jammer Flowpoetry prefers to make his home amongst musicians. Having opened for scores of bands and appearing at numerous festivals across the US, he has truly made is mark in the movement. Now, his 2nd book of poetry called “Compression” is set to be released. Vibe to his current word squeezings and celebrate his new book release on 11/18 at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI with Glostik Willy, Tate McLane. facebook.com/flowpoetry

    On a mission to “put fun into everything we do”, these pigeons aren’t just funking around! With a rabidly devoted following (known as The Flock), Pigeons Playing Ping Pong blast through everything from 70’s disco to prog-rock to melodic soul to mega funk with wah-wah guitars and infectious rhythms blazing.  Catch their one-of-a-kind live show at the Sylvee 11/9 with Armchair Boogie. pigeonsplayingpingpong.com

    This dynamic guitar duo generates more buzz when they play than a field of cannabis! Their simple yet invigorating interplay of instruments is sensational as they show off a wide diversity of styles ranging from electric to classical. I especially love their magnificent metal covers, but with any luck as they come touring in support of last springs Mettavolution we may even be treated to Echoes (by Pink Floyd). Find out for sure when they appear on 11/22 at the Sylvee in Madison, WI with David Keenan. www.rodgab.com

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    Art Paul Schlosser & Frankie Pobar Lay - Cartoons

    Art Paul Schlosser & Frankie Pobar Lay - Cartoons

    Art Paul Schlosser & Frankie Pobar Lay

    Album title: Cartoons
    Record Label: Art Paul Schlosser
    Rating: 7

    Art Paul Schlosser is one of Madison’s most prolific musical street buskers. On this round of tunes, with the help of Frankie Pobar Lay, he focuses on songs about cars. Production values aren’t great and most songs were recorded live, but each CD cover is a one of a kind artwork by Art Paul himself. My song favorites are “Banksy Graffiti My Car”, “I Left My Phone In My Car” and “Let’s Make Taco Trucks Great Again.” For a tip and a smile he’s sure to play your favorite next time you see him.

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    Art Paul Schlosser & Frankie Pobar Lay online:

    Babymetal - Metal Galaxy

    Babymetal - Metal Galaxy


    Album title: Metal Galaxy
    Record Label: Cooking Vinyl
    Rating: 9

    Nothing short of a fascinating anomaly in the world of music, the chart topping (recently #1 on Billboard’s Top Rock Albums chart) Japanese group Babymetal mixes the vocals and choreographed movements of a trio of cutesy teeny bopper type girls with anthemic, super heavy, metal music. This release is a loose concept album about being dispatched to distant parts of the universe. After headlining performances at many prestigious festivals around the world, who knows which part of the universe they will explore next?

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    Babymetal online:

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    Gramatik - Re:Coil, Pt. II

    Gramatik - Re:Coil, Pt. II


    Album title: Re:Coil, Pt. II
    Record Label: Lowtemp Music
    Rating: 9

    Exactly two years after the release of the first part of this Re:Coil, electro-funk pioneer Gramatik delivers Pt II. As with the first, these tracks are all collaborations, except the final which is solo. Showing off many faceted styles and approaches to the electronic genre with such luminaries as DeFunk, Big Gigantic, and Beat Fatigue insure many memorable jams. See him do his thing live on 11/15 at the Majestic Theater in Madison, WI with Balkan Bump, Opiuo. 

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    Gramatik online:

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