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  • Eclectic Vibes - March 2020

    by Andrew Frey

    Joe Russo's Almost Dead coming to the Sylvee

    Joe Russo's Almost Dead coming to the Sylvee

    I am generally moist with excitement for all the amazing shows coming this summer!

    But he’s still kickin! Formed by Furthur drummer Joe Russo, JRAD has become one of the hottest Grateful Dead and Americana folk-rock cover bands touring today. Their improvisational inclinations and jazz fusion flourishes are sure to delight the crowd when they play Madison, WI on 3/13 at the Sylvee. But wait! There’s more. Can’t get enough Dead? Start your day early at 4 pm when High Noon Saloon becomes Shakedown Street and welcomes Dead Tribute band Seaside Zoo. The bears are sure to be jumping! joerussosalmostdead.com

    Saxophone playing producer, Ehren River Wright, better known as SoDown was one of the most memorable sets I saw at the recent Gem and Jam Festival in Tucson, AZ. His invigorating set wove it’s way down numerous electronic genres while being flavorfully filled with fantastic drops and thunderous groovy beats! Get Down early and catch him opening for the Riddim & Blues Tour with Boogie T & BOOGIE T.RIO on 3/19 at the Majestic Theater in Madison, WI. sodown.com

    Are you ready to do some spliff riffin? The time is now! Legendary Madison blunt rollers, Bongzilla, have cashed in their kief and are heading out on tour this month in support of the 20 year re-release of their remastered Apogee album on vinyl. Grab your grinder and become one with the cannabis crew on 3/13 at Walker’s Point in Milwaukee and 3/24 at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI with Ruin Dweller and No Question. facebook.com/Bongzilla

    This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Recusant  thru 10 is Effusive

    Basher Toe - Pasifika

    Basher Toe - Pasifika

    Basher Toe

    Album title: Pasifika
    Record Label: Merkaba Music
    Rating: 10

    Tribal dance music has been a favorite of mine for years and this release from Israeli bass producer Basher Toe (aka Chen Beer) is one of the hottest things I have heard in a long while! He spent time studying various ancient pacific cultures, aboriginal music styles, and tribal storytelling techniques, which he then combined with organic samples, hand instruments, and didgeridoos. These elements percolated, blossomed and erupted masterfully within the raw intensity of modern bass music to produce these 5 top notch tracks.

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    Big Gigantic - Free Your Mind

    Big Gigantic - Free Your Mind

    Big Gigantic

    Album title: Free Your Mind
    Record Label: Counter Records
    Rating: 10

    Big Gigantic are such musical wizards! Spanning genres ranging from electronic pop and soul to modern jazz and hip hop, this talented Colorado duo knows how to make the party happen. Their first studio album in 3 years offers up 13-tracks focused on providing uplifting, expansive soul vocals while showing off collaborations with artists including Pell, Felly, TOBi, Jennifer Hartswick, Louis Futon, The Funk Hunters and more. Imagine how Free Your Mind will be when you see them live on 4/3 at the Sylvee in Madison, WI.

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    Dub Fx - Roots

    Dub Fx - Roots

    Dub Fx

    Album title: Roots
    Record Label: Convoy Music Group
    Rating: 9

    Ben Stanford is Dub FX, a Melbourne born street performer, beat boxer and looping artist extraordinaire who exhibits strong poetic lyricism while exploring social, political and spiritual topics. Roots is more of an eclectic reggae album than an experimental loopy electronic release like his prior ones. He hits the dub hard, but amid the relentless bubble rhythm, he journeys through hip hop, soca and more on the way to Roots.

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