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Eclectic Vibes - August 2010

CD/DVD Micro Reviews by Andrew Frey


On July 2 we ventured forth to Milwaukee and experienced another dose of the Worlds Largest Music Festival. We went with the intention of seeing Yes, and The Scorpions, but we arrived early enough to have a full days worth of music and fun. We wandered from end to end in the park and saw bits and pieces of quite a number of bands, DJs, drummers, and performers while also wandering through the various food and merchandise vending areas and noting the wide selection of Milwaukee area restaurants represented. This day saw no shortage of people so all the stands should have done well.

When 10pm rolled around we were well situated to see Yes. This was a 5 piece version of the band and they opened with a few of their older selections. We were struck by the fact that they were playing the songs slightly SLOWER than the recorded version. Sad but true, they are no spring chickens any longer…

About half way through the lethargic Yes set I jetted over to The Scorpions stage in time to catch the drum solo, guitar solo and parts of about 3 songs. Not too exciting but I got to see them play at least.
On our way out we were absolutely astounded by the amount of trash that we had to wade through at the stage the Scorpions played on our way back to the gate we came in. The stroller we were pushing was like a litter plow shoving plastic bottles, cups, etc out of our path. There has got to be a greener way!


Far too often the music at this otherwise appetizing and spendy event is rather mellow and tempered to mass appeal. This year however, the Australian hard rockers Karnivool will be blasting their tunes at the WJJO stage on September 5. Others TBA at

MICRO REVIEWS: This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Plugged thru 10 is Fluid
CEPHALIC CARNAGE - Misled By Certainty


Misled By Certainty
Record Label: Relapse
Review published: August 2010
Rating: 9

Cascades of extreme metal come pouring forth from the instruments of this furious and hard working Colorado concoction. After hammering down the grind on the first dozen tracks of their sixth Relapse release, they end with the epic length, genre spanning “Repangaea.”

CHARMING HOSTESS - The Bowls Project


The Bowls Project
Record Label: Tzadik
Review published: August 2010
Rating: 9

This is a bizarre mixture of intensely creative elements that links female vocals, Iraqi folk, Jewish culture, rock, metal, sex, love, angels, demons, and oodles more in an eclectic fashion. Inspiration here was garnered from inscriptions found on bowls buried beneath Jewish Babylonian houses which allowed group leader Jewlia Eisenberg a culturally poignant and diverse perspective to compose from.

Dean - Outside In


Outside In
Record Label: Dean Music Art
Review published: August 2010
Rating: 8

Dean is a one man project. He is a songwriter, a producer and plays all the instruments. Songs are formed by introducing expansive vistas of electronica and spicing them up with Latin or Afrobeat rhythms while overlaying jazz, blues, and fusion elements to spin additional ambiance.

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DJ Centra - A Shared Will To Live

DJ Centra

A Shared Will To Live
Record Label: Broke Boy Records
Review published: August 2010
Rating: 9

Spinning since the early 90s, and falling squarely in the trance side of the techno spectrum, this DJ begins by matching serene diva vocals with the beat before touching off the spark on several non-vocal tracks that explore the numerous nooks and crannies of what trance has to offer.



Record Label: Gold Dust
Review published: August 2010
Rating: 8

Punchy attitude filled hyper-drive techno, washed with quirky-smirky samples and a lot of industrial type backdrops. Although EL-P is a noted deep wit rapper, this full tilt release is all instrumental.

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Formosa Triangle - Formosa Triangle

Formosa Triangle

Formosa Triangle
Record Label:
Review published: August 2010
Rating: 7

They may have taken their name from an area located about 100 miles south of Tokyo, Japan, which has had mysterious ship losses, but the tight and heavy groove-metal that flourishes in the continuum established between the two lone members of this Chicago powerhouse may propel them further than the Pacific Ocean.

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CAS HALEY - Connection


Record Label: Easy Star Records
Review published: August 2010
Rating: 8

Perhaps you remember Cas from his second place finish on the second season of America’s Got Talent in 2007. If you do, then you will also remember his easy flowing reggae style with blues flavoring and his equally enticing vocal stylings. If not, you may want to examine what he has to offer, especially his revisioning of Alicia Keys’ song “No One.”

Michal Menert - Dreaming of a Bigger Life

Michal Menert

Dreaming of a Bigger Life
Record Label: Pretty Lights Music
Review published: August 2010
Rating: 8

This charming downtempo electronica is from the co-producer of the first Pretty Lights release. As such, this sounds quite a lot like Pretty Lights in the fluidic way the songs unfold and are composed. Also, as the first outside release on the Pretty Lights music label, it is available as a free download (with optional donation button) so you don’t have to steal it.


Muderdolls - Women and Children Last


Women and Children Last
Record Label: Roadrunner
Review published: August 2010
Rating: 9

After a long eight year hiatus, Slipknot’s Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13 bring us another load of crass, vulgar, and pissed off metal. Although heavy, the sound here harkens more to the days of glam, sleaze, and alcohol drenched fret boards. As a bonus, two tracks feature guest guitarist Mick Mars of Motley Crue.

CARMEN RIZZO - Looking Through Leaves


Looking Through Leaves
Record Label: Electrofone Records
Review published: August 2010
Rating: 8

Rizzo is a two time Grammy nominee producer, re-mixer, and artist, with an extensive list of credentials. This solo journey of chilled minimalistic soundscapes is sprinkling with evocative textures, rhythms, and grooves to beautify any existence where it is welcomed.

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