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Kai Altair - Shapeshifter: Dreamwalker Remixes

Kai Altair - Shapeshifter: Dreamwalker Remixes

Kai Altair
Shapeshifter: Dreamwalker Remixes
Label: Kai Altair

Hailed as a ‘Modern Day Mermaid’, Kai Altair’s music is an ode to the ancient with futuristic flourishes and poppy etheric vocals. Featuring some of today’s top electronic high consciousness dj/producers (Desert Dwellers, Govinda, David Starfire, Kaminanda), and boasting a cover by Mugwort, this remix release is set to expound her wonders to a whole new audience in a whole new way.

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Astral Waves - Genesis

Astral Waves - Genesis

Astral Waves
Label: Altar Records

Astral Waves is DJ Zen (aka Gabriel D), creator of Altar Records, and one of the pioneers of the Canadian psytrance scene. Genesis is a carefully crafted psychill journey inspired by tribal drummming, world chants and nature itself, with an underlying goal of activating your inner Warrior of Light. Are you ready for your activation? Let’s begin.

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An-Ten-Nae - Medicine

An-Ten-Nae - Medicine

Label: Muti Music

(Muti Music)
His sound is called Acid Crunk. With genre defining tenacity, An-Ten-Nae has released several Top 10 charting “Acid Crunk compilations”, garnering over 1,000,000 downloads to date. Medicine offers new bass heavy rhythmic interfaces into his Acid Crunk style and performance with blissful raptures and a few key samples. Great stuff!

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Art Paul Schlosser and Friends - Duet Right

Art Paul Schlosser and Friends - Duet Right

Art Paul Schlosser and Friends
Duet Right
Label: Art Paul Schlosser

What could be better than a new Art Paul Schlosser record? An Art Paul record with 26 songs harnessing more than that many of his friends!  Recorded in various studios at various times, with wildly varying degrees of production, this long time Madison musician, often seen playing on street corners with his acoustic guitar and kazoo, shows off many of his tried and true “hits” here including Cookie, Bubbles, Purple Bananas on the Moon, Pink Pants and I Want To Hold Your Toe. Always eclectic, off the wall and never boring!

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Living Light - The Great Attractor

Living Light - The Great Attractor

Living Light
The Great Attractor
Label: Desert Trax

After perfecting her keyboarding craft in the pioneering live electronic hybrid Psylab, Eartha Harris created the Living Light project in 2012. Several years and releases later, in between playing at festivals around the world plus teaching nutritional workshops and yoga classes, she brings us The Great Attractor, a delightfully dreamy psydub offering that bounces global beats amid multitudinous layers of consciousness infiltrating psychedelia and soothing succulent star struck melodies.

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Beanpole - All My Kin

Beanpole - All My Kin

All My Kin
Label: Chimera Music

As the story goes, this release was penned many years ago by an artist known as Beanpole, but it wasn’t until Sean Lennon heard these erstwhile commercially non-viable concoctions that the songs got green lighted for release. This is a sad carnival of extremely warped, bizarre and outlandish melodies, which include lyrics about food, farming, and mutants. All My Kin, features recordings from between 1984 through the late Nineties (and in reality features Les Claypool and Larry LaLonde, but were birthed by Derek Greenberg and Adam Gates).

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