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Cosmic Touch - Linked  to the Essence

Cosmic Touch - Linked to the Essence

Cosmic Touch
Linked to the Essence
Label: Visionary Shamanics

Embark upon a deep feeling shamanic voyage of mystical basslines and organic rhythms. Drinking in this mind altering hypnotic musical elixir allows one to peek into a forgotten realm of delightful deliriums that this Finnish artist found amidst his unforgiving winter.

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Electric Swing Circus - It Flew By

Electric Swing Circus - It Flew By

Electric Swing Circus
It Flew By
Label: Ragtime Records

Ready for some sauntering 20’s swing songs wound up with gypsy-jazz guitar, electric double bass, and vibrant electro beats? The Birmingham based Electric Swing Circus is a 6-piece fusion of just this, combining contemporary with classic, while delighting UK festivals for years now. Fronted by a female double-act, they finesse and finagle 1920’s swing sensations with jazz, soul, rock, funk, disco and a lot of attitude. So much fun!

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Cosmoganic - Harness The Soup

Cosmoganic - Harness The Soup

Harness The Soup
Label: Swamp Music

Electronic music can flow in many directions, with some composers creating hybrids of earthy organics with spacey synthetics. Cosmoganic (aka Ollie Jackson) has formulated a delicious audio meal of squishy, creamy psydub atmospheres blessed with wandering whomps and happy harmonies spiced with tribal tendencies. Consider it an 8 course feast of musical treats for your ears to eat!

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Shpongle - Codex VI

Shpongle - Codex VI

Codex VI
Label: Twisted Records Ltd

Complex, layered and highly anticipated, this, their sixth full length release, is recognizable Shpongle at every musical turn and twist. Codex VI offers a wider range of styles and natures while exploring a more dramatic range of influences and output. That being said, great as it is, for me overall it didn’t reach the levels of mystical musical ecstasy offered by their prior releases.

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Yellow Claw - New Blood

Yellow Claw - New Blood

Yellow Claw
New Blood
Label: Barong Family

Thanks to their famed bass-heavy productions and riotous performances, this Dutch producer/DJ duo known as Yellow Claw (Jim Taihuttu and Nils Rondhuis) have moved to headlining festivals around the world this year. Released on their own Barong Family label, this 14 track release offers a full musical palette ranging from hip hop blasters to frenzied anthemic ragers to moody downtempo offerings, all with special guests. Although bouncing all around the world, you can catch em live on 9/2 at North Coast Music Festival in Chicago, IL

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Papadosio - Content Coma

Papadosio - Content Coma

Content Coma
Label: Self Released

This Asheville, NC band offered forth 30 ideas were coalesced utilizing an online collaborative platform (Spice) into what would become the diverse 12 track content of this musical commentary about our dependence on technology.  Recording in a professional recording studio created high quality production while spotlighting the talents of each individual musician, whether they spin tales of mellow psychedelia, indie psych rock, ambient instrumental jams or poignant pokes and jibes. Catch Papadosio at the Majestic Theatre on 11/3 with Evanoff

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