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Ester Rada - Ester Rada

Ester Rada - Ester Rada

Ester Rada
Ester Rada
Label: The Eighth Note

Ester Rada is part of a striking wave of smart, talented and ambitious Ethiopian woman that has swept Israel recently. Utilizing acclaimed Israeli producers Kuti (Kutiman/Thru-You) and Sabbo (Soulico) she combines her smooth seductive voice with jazzy retro funk filtered through hip shaking African grooves marinated in reggae temptations to produce an infectious delicacy that will tease you into submission. 

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Entheogenic - Enthymesis

Entheogenic - Enthymesis

Label: Universal Symbiosis Records

An excellent 8th studio album for Entheogenic! Sliding grooves and moody ambient space-scapes glide into faster psytrance rhythms and brain scratching Terence McKenna platitudes. Mesmerizing trance within quirky glitch and magnificent hubub.

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Ganga Giri - Earthwise Vol 1

Ganga Giri - Earthwise Vol 1

Ganga Giri
Earthwise Vol 1
Label: self-published

Fusing body-thumping electronic bass music with lots of didgeridoo and other unique musical elements gathered from his native Australian experimentations, Ganga Giri is inspiring a positive celebration of global community by featuring an impressive line-up of musicians and vocalists from all over the globe on his Earthwise releases (vol 2 and 3 to follow shortly). Unique and invigorating adventures into the land down under and beyond.

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Emancipator - Seven Seas

Emancipator - Seven Seas

Seven Seas
Label: Loci Records

Peppered with guest musicians ranging from vocal to orchestral, this 4th studio release from the downtempo electronic maestro known as Emancipator (aka Doug Appling) combines organic with digital contributions expertly and effortlessly. Cosmic chill out beats evolve and travel to distant futures as textures and rhythms mystify and mesmerize through the constantly shifting and restructuring infrastructure. See what surprises the live show has in store 10/29 at Majestic Theatre in Madison, 10/30 at Miramar Theatre in Milwaukee and 10/31 at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, MN. Appearing with Wax Tailor and Yppah.

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Electric Swing Circus - It Flew By

Electric Swing Circus - It Flew By

Electric Swing Circus
It Flew By
Label: Ragtime Records

Ready for some sauntering 20’s swing songs wound up with gypsy-jazz guitar, electric double bass, and vibrant electro beats? The Birmingham based Electric Swing Circus is a 6-piece fusion of just this, combining contemporary with classic, while delighting UK festivals for years now. Fronted by a female double-act, they finesse and finagle 1920’s swing sensations with jazz, soul, rock, funk, disco and a lot of attitude. So much fun!

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Evanescence - Synthesis

Evanescence - Synthesis

Label: BMG

Focusing on orchestra and electronica, Synthesis revamps and recomposes the groups top hits, plus 2 new songs, into a full symphonic experience. The amazing Amy Lee is the conductor and focal point of this touring extravaganza, playing piano and singing her heart and soul into this highly acclaimed and award winning music. A grandiose occurrence!
Appearing on 12/5 at Orpheum Theater in Madison, WI.

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Earthcry - Modular Improvisation at Isis Music Hall

Earthcry - Modular Improvisation at Isis Music Hall

Modular Improvisation at Isis Music Hall
Label: Earthcry

Earthcry is the brainchild of Asheville, NC based producer Anthony Thogmartin (also of Papadosio). This is the recording from his one off improvisational experimental performance on 11/11/17 utilizing modular synthesizers. The result is a flow of colorful cascading rhythms and drumscapes patched together with in the moment effects, looping and frequency blending. Another unique compositional approach with a prodigious end result!

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