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Kojo - Guide My Soul

Kojo - Guide My Soul

Guide My Soul
Label: Random Records

Guide My Soul is the first full length psybass release from KOJO (aka Alexander Green). It is filled with a multitude of quirky samples, fat, plucky bass lines and upbeat rhythms. Time spent experimenting with styles and techniques over the past years pay off throughout the 14 tracks offered here by making this a grand adventure through many sonic landscapes distant dimensions.

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Sunsquabi - Instinct

Sunsquabi - Instinct

Label: Sunsquabi

This Colorado based hydro funk trio really takes flight on their newest release. Each track instinctively takes on the name of a different animal or insect, led by a three-track series of singles “Caterpillar,” “Chrysalis,” and “Night Moth.” Technical wizardry shines on each track, propelled by signature wailing guitars, slithering synths and slap happy improvisational jams. Another blissful display of stunning sonic glory! Become part of their metamorphosis when you go see them (with Defunk) on 4/11 at Miramar Theater in Milwaukee, WI and 4/13 at the Majestic Theater in Madison, WI.

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Mindex - Sleep Deprivation

Mindex - Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation
Label: Night Owl Collective

Russian born all original electronic composer, Mindex, touts a terrific topography composed of modern synthesizers and effects morphed into lush layers of melodic patterns and textures. While his other works are more upbeat and punchy, this release really takes the sleep deprivation aspect to heart and is dreamy, ambient and other worldly.  He will be fully awake though on 4/26 (with Milwaukee’s own Deerskin) at Ruby Madison in Madison, WI. (8)

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SOOHAN - Trānsmūtō

SOOHAN - Trānsmūtō


Accelerating his unique musical style of amalgamating global snippets formulated from a persistent multi cultural appreciation, SOOHAN’s infectious 7th album, named from the Latin trāns- + mūtō (“change, alter”), uniquely splices kitchy American pop music with regional dance and folk music into bass heavy mixes. His sample heavy electronic experiments are clever and entertaining to listen to, as well as catchy and danceable (if ya wanna get up and shake!)

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Elder - Gold & Silver Sessions

Elder - Gold & Silver Sessions

Gold & Silver Sessions
Label: Blues Funeral Records

Immaculately constructed instrumental progressive psychedelic doom rock that utilizes these multiple influences to paint sonic pictures of unmatched beauty, complexity and prowess. Adding to their past couple highly acclaimed releases, this one sets the sail for even more amazing adventures in music.

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Art Paul Schlosser & Frankie Pobar Lay - Cartoons

Art Paul Schlosser & Frankie Pobar Lay - Cartoons

Art Paul Schlosser & Frankie Pobar Lay
Label: Art Paul Schlosser

Art Paul Schlosser is one of Madison’s most prolific musical street buskers. On this round of tunes, with the help of Frankie Pobar Lay, he focuses on songs about cars. Production values aren’t great and most songs were recorded live, but each CD cover is a one of a kind artwork by Art Paul himself. My song favorites are “Banksy Graffiti My Car”, “I Left My Phone In My Car” and “Let’s Make Taco Trucks Great Again.” For a tip and a smile he’s sure to play your favorite next time you see him.

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