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Wookiefoot - You’re It

Wookiefoot - You’re It

You’re It
Label: Wookiefoot

These magical now age bards have just tagged you with a full spectrum barrage of musical medicine, hop scotching across genres with whimsy and delight. From reggae to bluegrass to jam to conscious hip hop to middle eastern melodies and the combination of all the above there is never a dull moment, especially when complimented by their ever uplifting, thought provoking and clever lyrics. I am excited to see these tribadellic warriors perform this landmark new material!

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Kishi Bashi - String Quartet Live!

Kishi Bashi - String Quartet Live!

Kishi Bashi
String Quartet Live!
Label: Joyful Noise Recordings

Violin virtuoso, singer, and composer Kishi Bashi (aka K Ishibashi) soars to amazing heights fueled by the glorious foundation of an accompanying string ensemble that allow him to reimagine his award winning and critically acclaimed first two releases, 151a and Lighght through an orchestral pop lens. Through his experimental and unconventional song writing skills as well as his soaring voice, he has spilled his talent into ever more imaginative and rewarding compositional endeavors.

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Kai Altair - Shapeshifter: Dreamwalker Remixes

Kai Altair - Shapeshifter: Dreamwalker Remixes

Kai Altair
Shapeshifter: Dreamwalker Remixes
Label: Kai Altair

Hailed as a ‘Modern Day Mermaid’, Kai Altair’s music is an ode to the ancient with futuristic flourishes and poppy etheric vocals. Featuring some of today’s top electronic high consciousness dj/producers (Desert Dwellers, Govinda, David Starfire, Kaminanda), and boasting a cover by Mugwort, this remix release is set to expound her wonders to a whole new audience in a whole new way.

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Art Paul Schlosser and Friends - Duet Right

Art Paul Schlosser and Friends - Duet Right

Art Paul Schlosser and Friends
Duet Right
Label: Art Paul Schlosser

What could be better than a new Art Paul Schlosser record? An Art Paul record with 26 songs harnessing more than that many of his friends!  Recorded in various studios at various times, with wildly varying degrees of production, this long time Madison musician, often seen playing on street corners with his acoustic guitar and kazoo, shows off many of his tried and true “hits” here including Cookie, Bubbles, Purple Bananas on the Moon, Pink Pants and I Want To Hold Your Toe. Always eclectic, off the wall and never boring!

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Yaima - Antidote

Yaima - Antidote

Label: Yaima

Blooming with a connection to nature and sparked by the fire of internal growth and transformation, this third release by Seattle based duo Masaru Higasa (Guitar, flutes, handpan) and Pepper Proud (guitar & vocals) constructs gentle soundscapes filled with stories about the Lightness of Being. An introspective journey filled with atmosphere and many perspectives of the grand whole will please and pacify your inner soul itch.

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Poranguí   - Poranguí

Poranguí - Poranguí

Label: Sol Creation Records

The red rocks of Sedona, AZ hold space for the musician, healer and creative spirit known as Porangui. He was cross culturally raised between Brazil, Mexico, and the Southwestern United States before training in ethnomusicology at Duke University, so his music draws from all of these. Poranguí’s signature World Soul style is created by using analogue hardware loopers, fx pedals, indigenous instruments and his voice to create mystical soundscapes capable of transporting listeners across space and time to a place of healing.

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