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Nango Manchay - Under Our Sun

Nango Manchay - Under Our Sun

Nango Manchay
Under Our Sun
Label: Desert Trax

Incorporating instruments and original recordings from all corners of the earth (Nepal, Australia, Central America), this “tribute to the unification of humanity and the common goals of peace and understanding” is a multi layered musical marvel that weaves together traditional genres to create a magnificent tapestry of inspiration and sound. Connected by contemporary downtempo and bass-centric undercurrents, this guitarist and sitar player makes sure that the sound of actual plucking and strumming is still heard and appreciated.

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Wolf Tech - Weird World

Wolf Tech - Weird World

Wolf Tech
Weird World
Label: Shanti Planti

UK producer Wolf Tech (aka Tom Chant) embarks on a sonic adventure of great depth and magnitude. The psybass rhythms pulse and propel listeners to psychedelic worlds with cinematic vision, while melodic yet dynamic and driving dubstep delivers hi-tech trajectories into distant lands filled with spaced out ambiance and modern musical eruptions. Immerse yourself!

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SOOHAN - Trānsmūtō

SOOHAN - Trānsmūtō


Accelerating his unique musical style of amalgamating global snippets formulated from a persistent multi cultural appreciation, SOOHAN’s infectious 7th album, named from the Latin trāns- + mūtō (“change, alter”), uniquely splices kitchy American pop music with regional dance and folk music into bass heavy mixes. His sample heavy electronic experiments are clever and entertaining to listen to, as well as catchy and danceable (if ya wanna get up and shake!)

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Maneesh de Moor - Icaro

Maneesh de Moor - Icaro

Maneesh de Moor
Label: Pachamama Records

An Icaro (or sonic pattern) is a melody traditionally received by a shaman journeying in the spirit world. The Icaros contained here are contemporary interpretations of Icaros derived from Shipibo tradition, and altered to be played on special flutes, made of Tobacco branch and ancient wood. The recordings are nested amid original field recordings of the Amazon jungle by night and are highlighted by instruments like the ‘Chakapa’, an instrument made of leaves from the ancient Chakapa bush, which provides a very trance-like groove mated to the heart beating rhythms of a shaman’s drum. Superbly done!

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Quantic - Atlantic Oscillations

Quantic - Atlantic Oscillations

Atlantic Oscillations
Label: Tru Thoughts

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Heilung - Futha

Heilung - Futha

Label: Season of Mist

Heilung (German for ‘healing’) is known for their striking live performances, complete with leather, and bone outfits, and primitive often homemade instruments. They call their genre Amplified History, which brings the far ancient Northern European past into the present. The atmospheric, sometimes dark, yet delicate, undeniably intense, and primitive style of neo folk that this Danish group plays is sung (and chanted) in multiple Scandinavian languages, which gives it a primal power and
conviction deeper than experienced elsewhere. Authentic and truly unique!

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