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DubFX - Thinking Clear

DubFX - Thinking Clear

Thinking Clear
Label: Convoy Unltd

Melbourne born street performer, beat boxer and looping artist extraordinaire Dub FX (aka Ben Stanford) gives us a potent and powerful dose of his unique artistry with Thinking Clear, which shows off his soulful lyrical exploration of social, political and spiritual subjects while injecting the additional live instrumentation of a bass player, pianist, percussionist and a 3 piece horn section to his groovy vibes. Recorded in his own Treetop Studios and offered on his Convoy Unltd label, this release builds on his grassroots busking success that propelled him into selling over 200,000 records and receiving 100 million and counting YouTube views after performing in 40 different countries and at numerous festivals. Bravo!

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Dutty Moonshine Band - Most Wanted

Dutty Moonshine Band - Most Wanted

Dutty Moonshine Band
Most Wanted
Label: Rocstar Recordings

The electro swing genre keeps heating up and this debut album from Dutty Moonshine Band certainly fuels the fire! Capturing the swing era sound, then embellishing with skits and surprises before blasting it back to our future infused with hip hop, ghetto funk and filthy bass makes for a delicious slurp of manic musical entertainment.  This 14 piece big band from Bristol, UK brings zany amounts of energy and creativity to the stage when they headline festivals around the world. Look for them!

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Dirty Heads - Swim Team

Dirty Heads - Swim Team

Dirty Heads
Swim Team
Label: Seven Five Records

Dirty Heads’ 6th album covers all the bases. Encompassing elements of reggae, hip hop, dubstep, pop, world and alternative while utilizing everything from bongos and banjos to classical piano and synthesizers, these 12 tracks play and experiment with the bands fame at every turn, both lyrically and metaphorically. Benefiting from a bevy of collaborators (Jonas Jeberg, Rome, Blueprint, Oren Yoel, HEAVY and The Score) this release is bound to make it’s mark thanks to experimental approaches and invigorating production.

Appearing live on 11/18 at Orpheum Theater in Madison, WI with The Unlikely Candidates and Tyrone’s Jacket.

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Ginkgoa - One Time

Ginkgoa - One Time

One Time
Label: Self Released

What happens when invigorating electro swing gets infused with trap, house and future bass sounds? In such a space, a myriad of tempting time tried dance crazes fly together in an explosive experiment of sound and energy. This France-based duo further enhances the mix when vocalist and front-woman Nicolle Rochelle unleashes her talents. Irresistible! Appearing 7/14 & 7/15 at LaFete De Marquette. Appearing 7/14 & 7/15 at LaFete De Marquette.

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Red Baraat - Sound The People

Red Baraat - Sound The People

Red Baraat
Sound The People
Label: Rhyme & Reason Records

Bhangra beat music has many avenues to choose from and the crazy twists and turns that this now 6-piece outfit infuses it with is undeniably spectacular. Their brassy global perspective and experimentation continues to push the musical boundaries of psychedelic, jazz, hip-hop as well as what can be accomplished on individual instruments. (9) Appearing with Tribu Aharu and Charanga Agoza’ on 8/16 at Central Park in Madison, WI.

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Twenty One Pilots - Trench

Twenty One Pilots - Trench

Twenty One Pilots
Label: Fueled By Ramen

Bands with 2 billion+ hit videos are hard to ignore. That being said, this groups bizarre yet amazingly attractive conflagration of alt rock, hip hop, metal, and singer songwriter swings are often as confounding as they are comforting. But it works! Trench definitely captures their signature sound and approach, but simply isn’t quite as high strung as prior releases. It is still lyrically provoking though and offers a bunch of great songs and potential mega hits.

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SoDown - Jet Black

SoDown - Jet Black

Jet Black
Label: GetDown Records

This EP is smokin hot! Establishing a menacing synth ambiance before introducing slick slices of glitch amid strong casts of electro bass and funky beat breakdowns makes for an entrancing listening experience. Chest pumping, hip hopping electronica doesn’t get much better than this.

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