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Yellow Claw - New Blood

Yellow Claw - New Blood

Yellow Claw
New Blood
Label: Barong Family

Thanks to their famed bass-heavy productions and riotous performances, this Dutch producer/DJ duo known as Yellow Claw (Jim Taihuttu and Nils Rondhuis) have moved to headlining festivals around the world this year. Released on their own Barong Family label, this 14 track release offers a full musical palette ranging from hip hop blasters to frenzied anthemic ragers to moody downtempo offerings, all with special guests. Although bouncing all around the world, you can catch em live on 9/2 at North Coast Music Festival in Chicago, IL

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Opiuo - Opiuo X Syzygy Orchestra Live at Red Rocks

Opiuo - Opiuo X Syzygy Orchestra Live at Red Rocks

Opiuo X Syzygy Orchestra Live at Red Rocks
Label: Slurp Music

I am not aware of any other electronic musicians that have added a live orchestra to their future funk compositions, but that is exactly what the New Zealand DJ known as Opiuo did at the famed Red Rocks Amphitheater on 4/21/18, and results were/are amazing! Re-Interpreting and then respinning his songs so they blossomed into 7 wonderful movements that conjoined with the 20 piece Syzygy Orchestra is unique, invigorating and inspiring to hear and behold! Lucky for you he is performing a solo DJ set at the Majestic Theater in Madison, WI 10/18 with Sodown

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Papadosio - Content Coma

Papadosio - Content Coma

Content Coma
Label: Self Released

This Asheville, NC band offered forth 30 ideas were coalesced utilizing an online collaborative platform (Spice) into what would become the diverse 12 track content of this musical commentary about our dependence on technology.  Recording in a professional recording studio created high quality production while spotlighting the talents of each individual musician, whether they spin tales of mellow psychedelia, indie psych rock, ambient instrumental jams or poignant pokes and jibes. Catch Papadosio at the Majestic Theatre on 11/3 with Evanoff

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Beefus - Busted Teeth Fandango

Beefus - Busted Teeth Fandango

Busted Teeth Fandango
Label: Wavelength Productions

Beefus is a musical collective from Madison, known for their quirks, strangeness and unique perspective. This time around there is more steel, grass and twang (and perhaps inbreeding?) than before, but the lyrical content is still twisted, kitschy and head scratching enough to make even Captain Beefheart proud. Remember, the moon always shines when it’s moonshine!

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Twenty One Pilots - Trench

Twenty One Pilots - Trench

Twenty One Pilots
Label: Fueled By Ramen

Bands with 2 billion+ hit videos are hard to ignore. That being said, this groups bizarre yet amazingly attractive conflagration of alt rock, hip hop, metal, and singer songwriter swings are often as confounding as they are comforting. But it works! Trench definitely captures their signature sound and approach, but simply isn’t quite as high strung as prior releases. It is still lyrically provoking though and offers a bunch of great songs and potential mega hits.

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Turkuaz - Life In The City

Turkuaz - Life In The City

Life In The City
Label: Electric Habitat Music

Expressive and fun, this nonet from Brooklyn will blow your socks off with their energy poppin’ horns, strong jams and catchy rhythms. Dripping with splashes of funk, rock, alternative and R&B this group brings momentous energy and presence to Life In The City as well as their live shows wherever they may be found. Find em nearby on 11/15 at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI

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Dirtwire - Road Goes All Night

Dirtwire - Road Goes All Night

Road Goes All Night
Label: Beats Antique Records

Sometimes instruments plays a big roll in what a recording sounds like and there are few releases that have more a unique sound than this. I saw them last fall at Shangri La Festival and they were quite enthralling thanks in part to Mark Reveley’s Whamola bass and Greek tanbur as well as Even Fraser’s Kamole ngoli and bass ngoli plus David Satori’s bowed banjo and guitarjo. Throw in a harmonica, and smear on some southwestern grit and the folktronica that this trio of talented multi-instrumentalists produce will excite and captivate!

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