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  • Letter To The People - August 1999

    Publisher's Commentary
    by Rökker

    Lizzie at our old apartment - photo by Rökker

    Lizzie at our old apartment
    photo by Rökker

    Hey Everbody!!

    Now do you know who SEVENDUST is? Back about two and a half years ago,in fact the same month that 94.1 WJJO changed their format, SEVENDUST released their first CD. We had them on the cover that month and everyone was asking me “who the Hell is SEVENDUST?” and I was saying “you’ll hear about ‘em, they’re gonna be big!!”.

    So now they’re coming out with their second album and once again Maximum Ink has the scoop.

    So if you missed them the first time they were on the cover, here’s a peek at the cover in ‘97. The complete interview with Lajon will be added to the website next update.

    For those wondering about Elizabeth....her top front teeth are almost in! Words are right around the corner. Wow! hello and Mommy are her fav’s. I’ll pop a photo on the web in the “Letter” section. See you next month!
    Rökker, Publisher

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