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  • Letter To The People - December 2014

    Publisher's Commentary
    by Rökker

    Cornerstone players: Rökker, Adam Isaac, Philly Meier, Rick Vitek, Black n' Tan, Chris Long, Cameron Lovelace 11-29-2014 HNS - photo by Tommy Early

    Cornerstone players: Rökker, Adam Isaac, Philly Meier, Rick Vitek, Black n' Tan, Chris Long, Cameron Lovelace 11-29-2014 HNS
    photo by Tommy Early

    Cornerstone: I had a great time playing with my old bandmates Cornerstone at the High Noon Saloon for Black n Tan and Chris Long’s birthday. First time I had played with Philly & Chris in over 20 years. This snapshot by Tom Early shows from R to L: Rökker (drum), Adam Isaac (bass), Philly Meier (bass), Rick Vitek (drums), Black n’ Tan (harmonica), Chris Long (guitar), and Cameron Lovelace (bass). Let’s do it again, but not wait 20 years!

    Rökker Vodka: Purchasing a local product for holiday gifts helps our local economy. If you haven’t already joined the Black Friday or Cyber Monday crowd to get your gifts, think local products.

    Rökker Vodka is now available at the Copps foods in Sun Prairie and Madison, as well as Barriques on Monroe, in Fitchburg and Middleton, as well as the usual haunts like Woodman’s, Hy-Vee, Star Liquor, Trixie’s Liquor, Steve’s on University, Harry’s Liquor, Madison Liquor, Vic Pierce and more. Everyone loves a bottle in their stocking, or under the Chanukkah bush!

    Salvatore’s Tomato Pies: One of my favorite pizza joints is opening in Madison on E. Johnson Street where the old Supreme Pizza was. Patrick DePula has completely remodeled the space and you can see the progress and tons of Pizza Porn on the Salvatore’s Tomato Pies Madison Facebook page. What I love most about Salvatore’s: Throws crust by hand, gets ingredients from local farms, co-ops, and farmer’s markets, and his motto is “All Wisco, No Sysco”. If you are in that area and need a job, Sal’s is hiring line cooks, delivery drivers, and a kitchen manager in both Madison and Sun Prairie. Immediate interviews. Part time and Full Time, stop by 912 E. Johnson St. or email salstomatopies@gmail.com.

    Adventures with Nikko & Lizzie: Good luck to Coach Frankie, Lizzie, and the Madison East Poms team who go this month to compete for the first time in state competitions. It’s a big step for the dance group who is now in their second year. Lizzie will be performing in three competitions; individual, with her friend Lexi, and a dance with the team. Bring home a trophy for the Purgolders!

    Nikko had his first recital with a full drum kit playing some of the “12 Great Grooves”. I borrowed a bass guitar from by buddy Erik Reidasch (Material Boys) to play along with Nikko. Then, Nikko asked me to back him up at his recital. I never thought my first gig playing bass would be for 6th graders and their parents. It was especially fun waiting backstage with all the kids waiting to go into the recital hall. I saw one of the teachers with a look that said “who’s that big kid?”.

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