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  • Letter To The People - January 2015

    Publisher's Commentary
    by Rökker

    Lizzie jamming a bass guitar and new t-shirt - photo by Rökker

    Lizzie jamming a bass guitar and new t-shirt
    photo by Rökker

    E-Cig Ban: Madison added E-cigs to the smoking ban meaning no more vaping in Madison clubs.

    LocalSounds.org: Thanks to Rick Tvedt of the MAMA’s and LocalSounds.org has compiled a list of music releases from Madison artists for 2014. I’m not sure that information is available anywhere else, a fun surf:
    Madison releases 2014.

    Rökker Vodka: RV is helping to sponsor the 2nd Annual Project Famous Screenwriting Competition at the High Noon Saloon in Madison on Sunday, February 8th. Winners will be announced as well as performances by Gallant Ghosts, Dana Perry, and Joey Broyles. There will also be a showcase featuring local independent filmmaker’s current projects. The cover is $10 and Ian’s Pizza will be served, for more go to Facebook Event.

    Adventures with Nikko & Lizzie: Congrats to Madison East Poms Team who entered state competition for the first time. Though they didn’t place for an award, the fact that they went from starting the team to competing in just two seaons is a tremendous feat. Trophies are in your future!

    Happy Birthday to Nikko. He turned 12 last month and is officially taller than his sister. We keep practicing the 12 Great Grooves on drums as well as learning “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin. I’m learning the bass part.

    Nikko has become infatuated with cars, especially sports cars like Ferarri, Lamborghini, and Bugatti’s.

    Here’s a picture from a fun photo shoot I did with Lizzie sporting a new t-shirt and shredding on the bass guitar.

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