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  • Letter To The People - December 2019

    Publisher's Commentary
    by Rökker

    Rökker, Alice & Nikko @ Overture Center for Pink Floyd's classic album performance of The Wall on 11/15/2019 - photo by Alice Selfie

    Rökker, Alice & Nikko @ Overture Center for Pink Floyd's classic album performance of The Wall on 11/15/2019
    photo by Alice Selfie

    Max Ink Radio: Do the Double Dip on Max Ink Radio with two new times two listen each week. The show airs on Saturday and Sunday evenings from 6:00-9:00 PM on 101.7 FM in Milwaukee and 92.7 FM in Madison. If you miss the show, or would like to “Triple Dip”, all of the past shows are available online at Maxinkradio.com with interviews broken out for easy listening.

    The Max Ink Radio network is growing and we have a team of people working to bring you a quality show each week featuring music from local Madison and Milwaukee bands plus interviews with the artists and previews of shows in the listening area. Each week we seek to play brand new music as well as current and vintage songs from our music scene past.

    New weekly segments have been added to the programming. Max Ink writer John Noyd can be heard poetically describing an artist during Slipped Discs and Eric “E-dub” Winegarner comes back to Max Ink Radio with his new spot On Tour with E-dub focusing on a local or national band performing in our listening area.

    If you are in a local band and have new music coming out, send an mp3 to maxinkradio@gmail.

    Rökker Realty: I have turned one of my dreams into reality. Last month I became a real estate agent after passing the state exam and affiliating with Century 21 in Sun Prairie. I have always enjoyed negotiating and helping people secure their best interest in real estate transactions and filling out long, detailed contracts seemed like it would be fun? Am I crazy? I hope so. Give me a call and lets turn your dream into reality.

    Adventures with Lizzie & Nikko: Last month I had a special birthday. Lizzie jetted off to Montreal during the week of my b-day but left me the present I needed the most, a Green Bay Packer PopSocket for my phone! Alice, Nikko and I watched Pink Floyd’s The Wall movie when out of the blue a Facebook post of my friend Simone L telling me she has tickets for the Classic Album tribute at the Overture Center of… Pink Floyd’s The Wall. And if that wasn’t enough, Nikko conspired with the family to surprise me with a custom chess set. Now it’s nothing but Dark Side of the Moon, kings, queens and checkmates. A father couldn’t be happier. And now it’s Nikko’s turn, Happy 17th birthday Nikko!

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