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  • Letter To The People - March 1997

    Publisher's Commentary
    by Rökker

    Max Ward in his 20s

    Max Ward in his 20s

    Dear Reader
    One year ago while we were constructing the first pages of Maximum Ink, a dear friend battled the AIDS virus for his life. As a vocal coach his students included Willy Porter, Anna Vogel, and Bradley Fish to name just a few. His love for music was so great that he continued to teach throughout his battle with AIDS. In that spirit, Maximum Ink was given its name. And that’s why this magazine is dedicated to the life and memory of Max Ward.

    ... and it is in that spirit that we have the Musicians Guild meetings, to bring back UNITY to the musical commUNITY. You can help. Out next meeting is Wednesday, March 19 1997 at the Mango Grill, 56 University Ave. Our guest will be Rick Tvedt of Grant Thornton CPA who will be speaking about tax issues and the musician. Show up, it’s free. Remember… “United we stand, divided we fall.” Those words ring true for the country and the musical community.

    Also, come celebrate our one year birthday for free at the Mango Grill on March 20th, music starts at 9:30pm and features Jr. High, Bradley Fish & Biff Blumfumgagne, and Mercury’s Wake.

    Lastly I would like to thank all who helped us make it through our first year.

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