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  • Letter To The People - October 2018

    Publisher's Commentary
    by Rökker

    Lizzie on her way to her first UW Badger Football game, turns out it was the hottest on record! - photo by Rökker

    Lizzie on her way to her first UW Badger Football game, turns out it was the hottest on record!
    photo by Rökker

    Halloween Spööktakular is on hiatus this year which means maybe you’ll see the Max Inkers out at all of the other parties.

    Max Ink Fantasy Football: The Max Ink FF league is back. You may remember last year’s Superbowl winner was Nikko who beat his Uncle Dan for the title. The rest of the players are back including myself, the Madcity Rökker’s along with my bro-in-law Steve, my neighbor Brian, and Nikko’s sports star buddy Timmy (who I just have to flame as he held last place). To follow the league go to the Max Ink FF league homepage

    This year we’ve added two new teams, the Funkee Green Bay Junkee, who could only be Joey B. Banks, and Chris M and his Monsters who is undefeated after 4 games. Madcity Rökkers and Nikko are both 3-1 and tied for second while Joey broke even this month at 2-2. The rest are in the tank at 1-3.

    Adventures with Lizzie and Nikko: Lizzie has started classes at the UW and it is a lot of fun to hear of her adventures on campus. She told me a story of a “radical” preacher in front of a gathering crowd of students at Library Mall. I had to laugh, it brought back memories of Sister Pat preaching and using local State Street legend Fireman Dan as an example of what Satan can do to you if you stray. She also reminded me of how many hills there and how they’re always “uphill” on the way to class.

    Nikko and I have started Drum Therapy. No, it’s not for drumaholics, it’s a recharge for drummers and go back to the basics with sticks and pads. Madison Scouts alums Jeff Spanos and Joey B. Banks lead the group through a 1 1/2 hour workout of drum rudiment patterns. Drummers of different levels show up and the patterns can be simplified for those just starting out. And for the pros, you’re still gonna get your butt kicked! It’s a lot of fun in a way only a drummer can love. If you find this interesting, join the Drum Therapy Madison group on Facebook to get more information.

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