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  • Letter To The People - September 2019

    Publisher's Commentary
    by Rökker

    L-R: Lizzie, Alice, Harriet, Nikko, Rökker, Ronald - photo by Lizzie's iPhone

    L-R: Lizzie, Alice, Harriet, Nikko, Rökker, Ronald
    photo by Lizzie's iPhone

    Adventures with Lizzie and Nikko: Summer is for summer jobs, festivals and vacations. Lizzie worked at American Eagle all summer to pay for her globe trotting lifestyle, Nikko completed his first year as a camp counselor and Alice and I worked on putting together a new hospitality team for Mama Rokker’s Band Bistro for AtwoodFest.

    August finally came and we packed up the van like the Griswolds and headed to Door County for a Family Vacation. Our favorite place to stay is Sister Bay and from there it’s back and forth between parks, shopping, eating…. and antiques.

    Grandpa Ronald came along this year and his thing is antiques, he doesn’t like to collect stuff (unless it’s a cuckoo clock) and Lizzie found the perfect place, the Old Orchard Antique Mall which is more like a museum. It turned out to be one of the best stops on the vacation.

    I also found out this trip that Ephraim has lost its title of The Last Dry Town in Wisconsin. Booze won.

    Cave Point Park was also a highlight as the water level of Lake Michigan is at a record high. The crashing of the waves into the bluff caves is a humbling experience as the power of the lake shakes the land.

    Here’s a pic of us all along the dock in Sister Bay, I’m flying the Devil’s Horns for you! L-R: Lizzie, Alice, Harriet, Nikko, Rökker, and Ron.

    See you next month.

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