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CD Review Endeverafter - Kiss or Kill


Kiss or Kill
Record Label: Razor & Tie
Review by Sarah H. Grant
March 2008

Fathers warned their daughters about them, but somehow these classic bad-ass types just keep knocking on the dooror rather, sneaking through the window. Kiss or Kill, Endeverafter’s debut album plunges into a mysterious fury with astonishing force and finesse. The rockers revel in their imperfections, offering raw, dirty, fret board bites of a bygone era on every track. Mixed by Machine (Lamb of God) and Mark Needham (The Killers), Kiss or Kill hearkens back to the primeval depths of rock n’ roll, and is a ruthless mélange of electrifying rhythms and killer riffs. Grant’s vociferous yowl on “I Wanna Be Your Man” launches dueling guitars with excruciating clarity. “Baby x3” works in the same vein, with impressive guitar solos and extraordinary vigor that are reminiscent of Crue’s infamous Girls Girls Girls album. Directed by renowned adult-film aficionado, Jax, the “Baby Baby Baby” video could be the raunchy sequel to Britney Spears’ schoolgirl routine. The hedonism subsides to make way for the plaintive, “Next Best Thing” and “Long Way Home,” which divulge Grant’s maturity as a songwriter, and are two impeccably crafted ballads. In the first, there is a note of genuine lament at love lost, better expressed in a heart-searing guitar solo. Grant reaches his wistful core in “Long Way Home,” which ends on a forlorn but stirring high. The road to success is a daunting journey for those who crave originality. As Grant asserts, “You have to be hungry for it. You have to want it more than anybody else. And I assure you, everyone in this band is hungry.”


CD Review Dad The Plow - The Heavy

Dad The Plow

The Heavy
Record Label: Self Released
Review by Jeff Muendel
March 2008

This band’s name well describes the type of music on the CD: it is big, powerful, and moves mass at a steady pace. The opening track, “Angry Sunday,” sets the tone for the rest of the album, and the song’s title alone will give you more than a hint of where it’s going. The meter isn’t fast, but the bass and drums push hard underneath sizzling guitars and throaty vocals. Much of the album follows in this way, and by the end, your ears will indeed have been thoroughly plowed. What’s interesting about this Milwaukee group’s self-released debut is that while it’s as hard as the name implies, it seems to defy categorization. Certainly, heavy metal would be the easiest bin in which to drop it, but it also has elements of punk, especially in the lyrics and vocal style, and the occasional synthesizer bursts lend a trippy characteristic that makes the group sound more like Pink Floyd at their heaviest than anything else. The band (Chris Howard, Mike Runge, and Remo) are still shopping a distribution deal, but the CD is available at shows and at [].

Dad The Plow play their rescheduled (snow) CD Release party at The Main Stage in Waukesha on March 29th with The Motor Primitives in support.


CD Review Ministry & Co Conspirators - Cover Up

Ministry & Co Conspirators

Cover Up
Record Label: 13th Planet/Megaforce
Review by Kimberly E. McDaniel
February 2008

Ministry fans know that Al Jourgensen is putting the infamous industrial giant to sleep following the upcoming final tour. Apparently, one reason he is doing so is to have more time to record and collaborate with other artists. This new CD, “Cover Up,” is but a taste of what’s to come and any Ministry fan will instantly fall in love as Jourgensen delivers the goods yet again….


CD Review The Eels - Meet The Eels: Essential Eels 1996  2006 Volume 1


Meet The Eels: Essential Eels 1996 2006 Volume 1
Record Label: Geffen
Review by John Noyd
January 2008

L.A.‘s Eels are eclectic intelligence set to a rockin’ beat - imagine American Bandstand hosted by Hunter S. Thompson. A scatological novel where tragic memoirs are sung without remorse, “Essential,” beautifully ties together ten years of sabotaging formulas and stretching perspectives with Blue Velvet cool. The surreal and ideal congeal as corrosive curlicues of bluesy grooves melt into lyrical chamber pop then blend into literate hip-hop as acid-etched solos run over poetic piano reminiscing in childhood reverie. Sunny sarcasm meets cruel clichés as parables of parasites compete among the casualties of heartbreak, wringing truth and hope from bruised ballads and seething symphonies.  “Meet,” includes a visually stimulating DVD, but collectors should also investigate the companion set, “Useless Trinkets,” a collection of B-sides, soundtracks and rarities.


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CD Review Too Pure To Die - Confidence and Consequence

Too Pure To Die

Confidence and Consequence
Record Label: Trustkill Records
Review by Justin Beckner
January 2008

From the corny fields of Iowa comes a new force in hardcore music. Too Pure To Die has made a brutal entrance onto the scene with their debut album “Confidence and Consequence.” The entire album pulses with pure unfiltered anger, raspy vocals, squealing guitar riffs, and a relentless pounding beat that keeps it both edgy and catchy. The band’s raw talent and rabid hunger for touring will bring a smile to the face of any fan of hard rock.


CD Review Sebastian Bach - Angel Down

Sebastian Bach

Angel Down
Record Label: EMI/Caroline
Review by Kimberly E. McDaniel
January 2008

Sebastian Bach took a bit of a hiatus from rock music to concentrate on other projects after departing from Skid Row, most notably his critically-acclaimed turn on the WB’s “The Gilmore Girls.” It appears he’s back and ready to show the young whippersnappers a thing or two, and he has help from another 80’s icon on “Angel Down,” his first solo album in eight years. Probably the most talked about aspect of the album will be Axl Rose’s guest-starring turn on three tracks, a rocking cover of Aerosmith’s “Back in the Saddle,” “(Love is a) Bitchslap” and “Stuck Inside.” While this does remind me a little of Skid Row, it’s the heavier Skid Row a la “Slave to the Grind.” Bach clearly hasn’t lost his edge, or his trademark vocal stylings. Where this will fit in today’s alternative world remains to be seen, however, it is a great metal record. Fans of Skid Row and ‘80s metal will love this, and it’s probably the closest thing to a release from Axl Rose that we’re likely to see, well, ever.


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