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CD Review The Ghosts of Laura Palmer - Livin’ For The Soul, Dyin’ For The Funk

Ghosts of Laura Palmer

Livin’ For The Soul, Dyin’ For The Funk
Record Label: SFP Recordings
Review by Geert Driver
April 2016

Back in 2010, a new DJ duo hit the Milwaukee music scene. That duo called itself, The Ghosts of Laura Palmer—comprised of Andy Gulotta and Mario R. Martin. This is where the story begins…

Soon after forming, the Ghosts amassed a great deal of attention. Some of it welcomed, some of it not so welcomed. But bring the music to the people they did. According to The Onion, The Ghosts essentially “infiltrated nearly every level of the city’s culture with their rock and soul whirlpool mixes.” Each set bringing “a different vibe and pastiche of decades worth of grooves, all exclusively mixed in analog.” This is all true. Then “Blackbird” happened.


CD Review Skizzwhores - Insomnia Mania


Insomnia Mania
Record Label: Gears N Cogs Media
Review by Laura Sorensen
April 2016

There are those bands that need more members to produce more sound. Then there are bands like Skizzwhores that need only three members to produce a lot of sound.


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CD Review Pat Travers and Carmine Appice - The Balls Album

Pat Travers and Carmine Appice

The Balls Album
Record Label: Purple Pyramid Records
Review by Sal Serio
March 2016

Pat Travers and Carmine Appice! Consider the accumulated years of touring and recording experience, and the full cast of characters that have collaborated with these two rockers. There is a whole novel of great stuff, right there! However, the task at hand and the bounty on the mantle is ‘The Balls Album’, which provides plenty of evidence that testicular fortitude is readily in abundance with these guys.


CD Review The Crookes - Lucky Ones

The Crookes

Lucky Ones
Record Label: Modern Outsider
Review by John Noyd
March 2016

Cardiac satellites catapult submerged urges into prancing manic courtships as The Crookes’ promising romantic stamina kicks power-pop jaunts roasted in heart-racing impatience from rose-colored pub-rock propositions; slamming candied music-hall anthems from fidgety indie misfits. Suave hurrahs from Teddy Boy choirs steeped in radiant riffs and galvanized sighs, Sheffield’s schooled hooligans produce fuzzed-out shin-digs from thick six-string pillaging born beneath lovelorn vocals and strapped to dapper eighties keyboards. Open-hearted larks from cobblestoned Romeos, “Lucky,” spins the wheel and plays to win, a monument to spidery pride devising clever webs connecting lively vibes to slacker jackpots snatched from ghost-coated tremolo, unshakeable beats and skulking bass. Adopting a breezier countenance from their brooding beginnings, the British quartet visit Madison’s The Frequency April 9th along with modern-pop electro-philosopher Geographer.


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CD Review Haelos - Full Circle


Full Circle
Record Label: Matador Records
Review by John Noyd
March 2016

Ravishing break-beat sass lavished in funky diamond grinds alternate between snake-charmer calm inclined towards dark carnal electro-soul and diva-shrieking sequences slipping into stormy trip-hop gospel. Assembling a massive sonic palette techno-geeking out with mood-enhancing slow-jams building into smoldering sideways-glance dance-grooves; the tantric London trio employ erotic electronics alongside three-part vocals roping consensual adventures into pulp fiction; fatalistic mystics tossing harmonic bon mots rinsed in cloudy synths, cobbled to clanging arrangements and polished in sleek percussive fevers. A cool goulash brewing ultra-smooth moods beneath dramatic buzzed-out attitude, “Circle,” orbits panoramic landscapes where gleaming antiseptic effects meet deep eclectic sets and exalted chill-pop operas turn lethal, conniving and irresistible. In a rare treat for Wisconsin, Haelos plays Milwaukee’s Back Room at Collectivo Coffee on Prospect April 8th


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CD Review Droids Attack - Sci-Fi or Die

Droids Attack

Sci-Fi or Die
Record Label: Riff Reaper Records
Review by Sal Serio
March 2016

Unearthed at last is the ultimate Droids Attack document. The talisman. In the long run, has the Droids sound changed much since their first 2004 CD? Not really, except it’s tighter and the vision is more fully realized. The meaty chord-driven locomotive zephyr thrust of sledgehammer metal-punk has simply zeroed in on the target with pinpoint accuracy, and the result is one of blissful head-banging wonderment.


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