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CD Review Half Waif - Lavender

Half Waif

Record Label: Cascine
Review by John Noyd
March 2018

Elegant emancipation weighs heavy hearts against longing options as Half Waif’s labyrinth memories search for dream-harvested meaning and perch on disillusioned truths. Seducing through fluid theatrical-pop grooves, uncoupled couplets lay over celestial synth-beds decorated in ethereal hand-picked hybrids from baroque to goth to funk to prog. Silken willfulness nurturing guarded facades hide struggling grudges in gilded lilies, balancing rallying happiness and bewitching insistence with lusty percussion, swooning vocals and diamond-dusted keyboards. Sumptuously slippery,  “Lavender,” swims in deep self-reflecting waters combating shadowy current-pulling impermanence with quicksand questions connecting restless life-lessons, rising through swirling anthem-ramped rapture where twisted fates induce conscience-haunted moods fallen from rakish grace. The brainchild of Brooklyn’s Nandi Rose Plunkett, Half Waif plays Madison’s The Frequency May 4th along with introspective indie-rock hypnotists Hovvdy.


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CD Review The Heavy Set - The Highway And The Moon

Heavy Set

The Highway And The Moon
Record Label: The Heavy Set
Review by Sal Serio
February 2018

If I only had one sentence to write this review with, I would make it a question: “What kind of world would make Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) a household name, when Jake Ilika isn’t?” I mean, honestly. The emotion, depth, diversity, ethereal production quality, and uncannily excellent songwriting on this CD is beyond noteworthy. It MOVES me. It sits in my CD deck for repeated spins and new flavors bubble to the surface with each new listen. This may be the release of the year, and we’re not even two months in to 2018 yet. Seriously.


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CD Review Jane Lee Hooker - Spiritus

Jane Lee Hooker

Record Label: Ruf Records
Review by Sal Serio
February 2018

The 5 ladies of NYC heavy blues are back with their 2nd album, titled ‘Spiritus’. Whereas the 2016 release ‘No B’ showed more of a Zeppelin-type hard-rock-meets-whiskey-blues swagger, this new collection of songs showcases more originality and individualism. A more defined personal identity, if you will. And more emphasis on blues than the rock, with lead singer Dana Athens leading the pack with a forceful Melissa Etheridge or Beth Hart sort of demanding persona. Forceful, but still sensitive when the song calls for it. In fact, the group “serves the song” quite well on this release, with guitarists Tracy Hightop and Tina Gorin stepping forward with the goods at all the right times, but more importantly, laying back when the song needs to breathe with more space.


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CD Review The Racing Pulses - The Racing Pulses vibrant new release Nothing To Write Home About

Racing Pulses

The Racing Pulses vibrant new release Nothing To Write Home About
Record Label:
Review by Tommy Rage
December 2017

The Racing Pulses give us all something to write home about with their vibrant first release.


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CD Review Kyle Rightley - Making Home

Kyle Rightley

Making Home
Record Label: self-release
Review by John Noyd
November 2017

Accompanied by a few well-chosen guitars and a talent for spinning honest tales from clear-eyed lyrics, Rightley’s solo album gathers strumming drumless love-songs washed in pithy hitchhiker’s pickin’ addressing open roads and underdogs with glowing folk-poet anecdotes. Add a dash of racetrack boogie, dreamy jangle-pop and crushed-velvet jazz and, “Home,” casually conjures rolling, green pastures and lonely, late-night interstates with warm, friendly memories and kindly, tempered perspective. Bright, chiming solos and cozy melodies pique ears and hearts alike as twang, sizzle and fuzz tumble over six-string rhythms with woeful steel and howling electric raising spirits in reinforced chords and gun-slinger licks. Celebrating the album’s release, Kyle and members of his other musical projects join together for a free show December 13th at Madison’s Mason Lounge.   


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CD Review Lespecial - Cheen


Record Label: Techne Records
Review by Sal Serio
November 2017

Lespecial is a genre-busting trio from Boston/New York City that continuously pulls sharp left turns on their musical influences. One minute they’re sparse techno, then Buckethead-type weirdo shredding, then alt-funk in a Primus/Chili Peppers vein, with Talking Heads “Speaking In Tongues” era synth keyboard flourishes, to middle eastern flavored hip-hop and psychedelic reggae dub. Yet they somehow manage to retain a consistency and logical flow.


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