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  • Gomez

    Album Title: A New Tide
    Record Label: ATO Records
    Review by John Noyd
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    Gomez - A New TideGomez - A New Tide

    Skipping, skidding and hopping happily from Bo Diddley didigeroos to crashing flashes of psychedelic guitar, Gomez return to the rootsy musical experiments that started ten years ago with their DIY debut, “Bring It On.” Five studio releases and a few solo ventures later, “Tide,” overflows with chiming rhymes, electro-acoustic spookiness and shape-shifting rhythms. Slippery hippie daydreams revolve around salty licks and hillbilly riffs as music box foxtrots, devilishly boppy hopscotch rock and ricochet-flavored folk-tangos coalesce into hallucinogenic hootenannies colliding against gruff, rubbery blues.  With band members currently scattered across two continents one might expect a collection of sonic shards, but.”Tide,” pulls it together for a series of tunneling wonders, a cohesive banquet of rippling whispers, robust struts and magical mantras, stronger for their dynamic diversity.

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