Album Title: Acapulco
Record Label: self-release
Review by John Noyd
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Cribshitter - AcapulcoCribshitter - Acapulco

Four years extracting musical shape-shifting madness, Madison’s quick-change artists Cribshitter unveil a thematic mish-mash splashed in devilish wackiness carved from sun-kissed mosh-pits and delirious fearlessness supported by subversive mirth. Schizophrenic decadence playing made-in-the-shade charades deconstructing time-share affairs atop consumer bamboozling, “Acapulco,” stacks wisecracking sass into lewd interludes born from ultra-groovy confusion; daffy distractions packing seamless farce into giddy kidding. Artfully parting beach-resort partying into smirk-filled ironies, the band’s lounge-lizard wizardry mixes psycho-funky monkey-business into sex-starved drum-machine telenovas. A clever tight-rope walk between the sleazy and the cheesy, the slap-happy toe-tappers goof on disco-musak rappers, tattletale tourists and midnight-cruising perusers with accomplished gonzo gusto. See for yourself October 10th when the band along with pop-rockers Heavy Looks plays a free release show at Madison’s Mickey’s Tavern.

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